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Work From Home Jobs For Felons: 7 Best Jobs For 2024

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Did you know that more than 19,000,000 felons are estimated to be in the United States?

The US has a vast population of current and former felons, with a felony record radically affecting your life.

But what do you do if you’re a felon who wants to continue working from home?

If you’ve been looking for a work-from-home position as a convicted felon, we’re here to help.

Read on for some essential information on the subject and some suggestions for what you can do for employment.


Why Work From Home as a Felon?

There are plenty of reasons to want to work from home.

For example, if your run-in with the law is recent, you may have restrictions, such as house arrest.

While most programs will be lenient with this when it comes to work, some may not be, and working from home would always be simpler than dealing with the time window you can leave in.

You may also find it anxiety-inducing to re-enter the in-person working world at the moment.

Maybe you’re concerned that others will judge you or that you may not be able to get certain positions.

Whatever the reason, a home job may soothe you.

What Type of Online Job is Right for You?

To decide on the right online job, you should consider your interests and skill sets.

For example, virtually every position working from home will heavily focus on a computer.

Because of this, you should make sure you have good computer skills – searching, browsing, typing, and other such basics that you’ll need.

You may also want to focus on your own efforts or business.

Think of what you would like to go into business doing and work from there.

You can do countless things to earn income from within your home on a schedule you create, so brainstorm up your passions!

Will It Be Difficult to Get A Job?

Depending on your industry, it can be challenging to find a job working from home.

Primarily, this is because the demand for working from home is high, as most people prefer working from the comfort of their house rather than commuting.

It isn’t any more difficult for someone with a felony to find at-home employment than someone without one.

But, again, this will primarily depend on your industry and the job level you’re pursuing.

Where to Look for an Online Job

You can find online jobs on all of the major job sites.

For example, places like LinkedIn or Indeed will often post an online job openings.

You may also look into a local staffing agency for home opportunities.

Specifically, you can take advantage of their “second chance jobs” list.

Depending on your industry again, you might look in other places.

For example, online writing jobs such as freelance content writing are often on the two sites mentioned above and many different dedicated blogging websites.

The best way to start is to search for online jobs in your industry and see what pops up.

Some industries do not have remote job positions, so it can help you know if you need to change gears.

Companies That Hire Felons

There is absolutely no shortage of companies that happily hire felons.

Many purposefully seek out felons to hire to help give people another shot and get them onto their feet.

Some states also have more companies, such as New York, strongly encouraging previously-convicted job seekers.

You can find a lengthy list of some of the many companies that hire felons here.

The list is far from exhaustive, and you can likely find many smaller companies that are happy to have you.

Companies like the New York Times hire felons but aren’t guaranteed to do so depending on the location.

Can a Felon Work for the Government?

Yes, felons are eligible to work for the government.

Having a criminal record or time in prison will not stop you from applying for or being hired by the US government.

However, there are a few exceptions.

If you’ve broken the law based on treason, you will not be eligible for the US government.

Some laws also may ban you for a time but allow you to later.

Should I Apply to Large or Small Companies?

Any size company is likely to be willing to hire you.

However, many smaller companies may need the help more and are ready to overlook some infractions if it means getting you on board.

So make sure to cast a wide net when you apply!

Working in online services is especially common across most companies.

What Types of Jobs Should I Avoid Applying to?

Depending on your criminal record, you should avoid a few positions.

For example, some management positions may not accept your job application based on a felony conviction.

However, you can find many high-paying jobs, so don’t worry!

It would be best if you also avoided jobs that involve handling firearms, as felons typically are not allowed to own or operate guns.

Your job search may want to avoid specific scenarios depending on your infraction, such as a sexual offender avoiding positions working closely with children.

Work From Home Jobs for Felons

There’s no shortage of well-paying jobs that felons can work.

Here are the seven best jobs for felons in 2024:

  • Traffic Control
  • Freelance Job or Self-Employment
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Human services
  • Restaurant and Fast Food Restaurant Positions
  • Customer Service
  • General Labor Positions (Construction, labor, etc.)

Best Paying Jobs That Don’t Require Background Checks

If you’re worried your felony will prevent you from successfully landing the position, Indeed.com keeps a list of positions that will not require a background check.

These jobs are pinpointed toward your location to narrow down the search.

Some of the many posts include, but are not limited to:

  • Traffic Control Flagger
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Machine Operator
  • Laboratory Research Technician
  • Factory Processor
  • Wood Worker

Consider looking into local options before you settle on something.

Without a background check, your resume, charisma, and applicable skills are vital to landing your new job.

Entry Level Jobs That Don’t Require Background Checks

Some of the above positions may seem overwhelming or complicated for you.

Here are a few entry-level positions you might prefer.

  • Various Construction Positions
  • Various Factory Positions
  • Restaurant Work
  • Fast Food Worker
  • Janitorial Duties
  • Concrete Laborer
  • General Physical Labor Positions

These industries are also almost always hiring, so you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere that needs you.

While some individual employers may want to do a background check, these positions generally won’t require one.

It would help if you also looked for companies that focus on the Fair Chance Business Pledge or accept the Work Opportunity Tax Credit programs.

Online Side Hustle Jobs for Felons

Maybe you already have a position but are hoping to find a bit of extra cash.

In that case, here are some side hustles you may want to bring into your best work schedule to earn a little more.

Many remote content writing positions won’t do a background check.

Freelance writing for blog posts, copy, and other content for various companies is highly common for felons.

You may also decide to start your side hustle selling things.

Dropshipping – buying something low and selling it high – is a typical side hustle.

Working the stock market with some know-how might suit your needs, though there’s an inherent risk here.

Many websites might hire you to take surveys, review products, and do other tasks.

These are entry-level positions that usually require no experience or recommendations and skip background checks.

Is a Background Check Required to Work from Home?

The answer to this depends on your industry.

Many positions will avoid background checks, especially for lower-level or simple jobs.

However, higher-level positions may require them regardless of where you work.

In addition, you may want to look into the Federal Bonding Program, which helps guarantee employment for felons.

What Is a Background Check?

A job opportunity may require a background check that checks your history, as the name suggests.

Additionally, a potential employer may look at your criminal background, previous employment, education, etc.

In some cases, these can cause complications with finding employment.

How Do I Know What Will Show Up on My Background Check?

A criminal background check will reveal a felony charge or any misdemeanor charges.

It also will show any pending cases or history of adult incarcerations.

There’s a high chance any of these things are present on your background check.

Human resources may contact you over discoveries on your background check, so always be honest in your interviews.

Why Don’t Some Jobs Require Background Checks?

Some employers, such as Home Depot, may purposefully offer felon-friendly jobs.

To do so, they avoid background checks to encourage felons to find employment opportunities.

Other felon-friendly employers also focus on giving a second chance to people that may have made mistakes.

Another reason is that a job is sometimes too simple for the employer to care about.

Do Employers Run Background Checks Before Interviews?

It depends entirely on the employer.

Some will wait until after the first interview so that they don’t let a criminal background affect their opinion of you.

Others may search first so that they know more about you.

The best job opportunity may have no background check, so don’t let it stop you!

Will a Felony Show Up on my Background Check After 10 Years?

Yes. A felony on your record is unlikely ever to go away and is something that will almost definitely show up on background checks for the rest of your life.

Some states may have laws that change this, but generally speaking, a felony stays forever.

Do Internships Run Background Checks?

Some internships will, depending on the position.

But, as a whole, it depends on the employer, work, and many other factors.

Application Specifics

Here are some questions regarding application specifics for felons.

Should I Disclose My Felonies on an Application?


It’s best to disclose this information right away in case you run into an employer that discriminates against you for your criminal history.

That way, you don’t waste time getting your hopes up on a job that would never accept you from the start.

Can I Get a Job With a Sexual or Violent Felony Offence?

Yes, though this can affect what positions for which you are eligible.

Some laws stop felons with certain felonies from working in specific fields.

For example, a sexual offender may not be allowed near children, a violent criminal banned from firearms, etc.

Working Out

Finding employment from home as a felon is nerve-wracking, but your felony won’t make it any more difficult for you.

So do your best to keep your head up and look for great opportunities in your search.

For more information about life as a felon and finding work with a criminal background, don’t hesitate to contact us or browse our site to learn more.

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