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Being a felon in Oklahoma can make finding a job difficult, especially when most jobs require applicants to be conviction-free. Most employers would turn their heads at the first sign of trouble.

If you’re looking for jobs for felons in Oklahoma, don’t feel hopeless. Many companies provide decent-paying jobs that can help you get back on your feet even after a conviction.

Jobs for Felons in Oklahoma

There are a handful of jobs that a felon can qualify for when living in Oklahoma. Although, many of these jobs require prior knowledge of the job or training. That said, there you’ll find a handful of companies that provide training.

Below are a few jobs for felons in Oklahoma that you can consider.

Assembly Line Worker

An assembly line worker is responsible for working a factory line that mass produces products. Applicants who apply must be physically fit and be willing to stand on their feet all day. Additionally, they must be willing to work in a fast-paced environment and produce little to no mistakes.

Job responsibilities include being able to read and understand technical schematics. Applicants are also expected to understand and safely handle machinery.

Truck Driver

As truck drivers, applicants will be working in shifts driving products from one location to the next. Drivers need to have a clean driving record and transport products without any issues.

Additionally, drivers will need to take inventory of said product and be able to perform routine checks. Truck driving can range from short-term drives to long-term destinations.

Sales Agent

Many companies are looking to train sales associates and agents to help promote and sell products. No experience is necessary, as most companies will provide entry-level positions which don’t discriminate against felons.

A sales agent is the front line in customer service and helps promote a product. A sales agent takes orders on the job, provides team support, and communicates via email and phone with consumers. Additionally, sales agents may need to maintain client files and work closely with returning consumers.