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Washington, DC

Jobs for Felons

Washington, D.C. is a land of many opportunities, and these also include those for past offenders. It has an assortment of felony friendly jobs that offenders can try to apply for in the hopes of landing a new job.

It may be a bit daunting to start applying for work, especially if you’re a former felon. After all, you might be expecting countless rejections because of your background and what has happened in the past.

In that case, trust that not all companies are the same. There are a few that offer felon-friendly jobs in D.C., which can help former offenders integrate themselves back into society.

Finding Felony Friendly Jobs in D.C.

jobs for felons in Washington dc

If you’re unsure about what kind of felony friendly jobs you can secure here in D.C., we’re here to help you out. Through this listing, you will be able to find different jobs that fit your skills and abilities.

Here’s a summary of some of D.C.’s felon-friendly jobs:

1. Accounts

There are companies looking for account coordinators, executives, or managers and are accepting former offenders for the role. These roles generally revolve around implementing marketing plans, coordinating with clients and other stakeholders, and overseeing the brand’s strategy implementation.

2. Logistics and Trucking

Truck driver openings comprise a huge chunk of the available jobs for felons here in D.C. Normally, these jobs require a CDL Class A license and an employee okay with being on the road for a large part of the day.

These jobs require drivers to pick up and deliver goods and other equipment needed by the company. Some of them allow drivers to go home every day or every weekend at the very least.

3. Customer Service

Do you have a knack for communicating with other people? You just might find your next career in customer service.

There are job listings looking for customer service associates or representatives who will be answering calls and assisting clients with their concerns. Some jobs prefer applicants who are bilingual, while others prefer native English speakers.

4. Sales

Jobs in the sales industry are also very much available for you. These are positions that require you to liaise with people, recommend your brand’s product, and assist customers looking to buy your brand’s items. They cover different industries, too, so you can choose one that piques your interest the best.

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This website was created by a few folks who have personally watched their loved ones struggle to get a job due to having a felony.

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