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Seattle, Washington

Jobs for Felons

It’s difficult enough to look for work as it is, but it becomes a bit trickier when you have a criminal record. Fortunately, there are jobs for felons in Seattle Washington that you can consider.

These positions come in a mixture of industries, such as logistics, client services, retail, and lots more. With all the competition in the job market nowadays, it would be challenging to avoid a pessimistic outlook.

Jobs for Felons in Seattle Washington

Similar to most states, work opportunities for ex-cons in Seattle are dominated by truck driver posts. While many companies offer competitive salary packages plus bonuses, it may not be for those looking for some variety.

If you feel that trucking isn’t something you are comfortable with, there are plenty of other jobs for felons in Seattle Washington for you. We defined a few of the most prominent job types in the city besides truck driver roles that are open to apply for.

Package Sorter

As the name implies, a package sorter is in charge of handling the packages in the warehouse. While it may sound simple enough, challenges such as heavy and fragile items could slow down productivity.

While the job itself doesn’t demand too many specialized skills, what you should be focused on is having sufficient physical capabilities. Make sure you are not suffering from any illnesses, especially in your musculoskeletal system, that might affect how you conduct your work.

Sales Representative

If you express yourself in a professional manner while having a clear, distinct voice, then being a sales agent could be your calling. Contrary to the first job type, this one is more about your interpersonal skills and persuasiveness.

The world of sales could be daunting for some, though. After all, it is usually a high-paced, competitive, and constantly evolving environment.

Before considering this role, you need to examine yourself first if you have the necessary skillset and drive. Lacking these qualities could quickly lead to failure.

Corporate Jobs

You may be surprised that there are office hirings available for felons in Seattle. From customer service to managerial roles, there is an abundance of openings in the city that welcomes people who strive to have a second chance at life.

Whatever type of work you prefer, you should first identify your strengths and weaknesses, as they will determine how well you will perform.

Seattle, Washington had approximately 734,000 people as of the year 2023. Having this many citizens, the city offers a wide variety of jobs in numerous areas for the general public. Finding work is challenging for most individuals, but even more so for someone with a felony conviction due to limited opportunities and lower priority secondary to their criminal background.

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Seattle and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

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