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Union City, California

Jobs for Felons

Felony charges can completely turn your life around. Even after serving your sentence, most companies won’t even consider your application when they find out that you have a felony record.

Although there are different crimes under felony, the fact that you have a criminal record will make it seem like an impossible task to find a job. You don’t have to lose hope because some companies and businesses have jobs for felons in Union California that you can apply to and try out.

Jobs for Felons in Union California

No matter what type of crime you committed under felony, most big companies will not hire you. They run a background check on every potential employee, so they will find someone else with a clean record even if you have the skills.

Still, some employers won’t care and will focus on your skills. The top jobs that you can consider to earn money when you get out of prison are as follows:

1. Online Marketing

If you’re having a hard time looking for a job, you can develop your marketing skills and apply for online jobs. There are a lot of platforms that allow people with a criminal background to earn money.

These online platforms won’t care about your criminal record since you are staying in your home. There are no risks involved in hiring you, so they will hire you if you have the skills.

You can start learning about SEO, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, content creation, and more. These are high-paying online jobs that you can try.

2. Truck Driving

Most of the jobs for felons in Union California involve truck driving. However, you need to have experience since it’s different from driving other vehicles. You also need the right driver’s license before you can apply.

3. HVAC Technician

This type of job would require you to improve your education and train for a few years. But, this job is extremely rewarding, and most HVAC companies don’t do any background checks on their employees.

Although it would take some time before you can become a professional HVAC technician, this is an excellent start to a good future.

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