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Los Angeles, California

Jobs for Felons

Searching for jobs that hire felons in Los Angeles can be hard work. After all, many companies turn down former offenders for many different reasons.

In socializing with other people, there is also bias associated with being a felon. This can be a huge hindrance in letting you connect with your coworkers and other people.

Jobs That Hire Felons in LA

Luckily, there are many companies in LA that accept former offenders for work. These companies surely won’t discriminate when you apply for a job. They also offer decent and reasonable rates, so they can be the perfect place for you to get your fresh, new start.

1. Trucking

If you have a Class A CDL license and are comfortable using it for a living, why not apply as a truck driver? This position requires you to constantly be on the go. Typically, what you need to do is to pick up and deliver goods during the schedule assigned to you.

Being a truck driver comprises a majority of the available jobs for felons here in LA. That means there are also many companies, benefits, and incentives to choose from. Aside from a weekly or monthly salary, these companies offer retention and referral bonuses, as well.

2. Client Services

Does talking to customers and assisting them with their requests appeal to you? Are you confident with your ability to talk with other people? Well, you might find being a Customer Services Representative exciting.

There are also other related jobs to this role that you can check out if you’re interested. Generally, they have to do with taking calls to assist customers, along with administrative duties like handling billing, invoicing, and tracking shipment. This can be a great niche to start with, especially if you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder once you’ve raked in enough experience.

3. Sales

If you have a knack for persuading and convincing people and are looking to put your skills to the test, perhaps you’ll be interested in applying as a Sales Representative. This position offers you training and mentorship to help you learn the ropes of how to sell the company’s products or services.

You may think that sales isn’t a field that normally offers jobs that hire felons, but these companies don’t discriminate. If you’re confident with the skills you can offer, this is a field you can certainly enter.

Since the population of Los Angeles, California, is approximately four million people as of 2017. Such a large city like this offers a wide variety of jobs in a number of areas. While finding a job is a challenge for most people, someone with a felony record will have an even greater obstacle when applying for work because of limited opportunity and lack of priority given to a person with a criminal record.

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Los Angeles and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

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