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Before you go ahead and find available jobs for felons in PA, equipping yourself with helpful information and expert advice is an absolute must.

As someone who did time inside, you will want to know how you can have the best chance of finding legitimate work opportunities. After all, securing a job not only provides you with a stable income but also makes you a productive member of society.

How To Land Jobs for Felons in PA

There’s no way around the fact that ex-cons are not prioritized when it comes to job applications. We cannot blame the companies for being wary about who they want to employ. Fortunately, there are ways to get jobs for felons in PA.

1. Join Reentry Programs

First of all, get in touch with Pennsylvania’s Reentry and Transitional Services. The state’s Department of Correction or DOC believes that helping felons become law-abiding, productive citizens is an integral part of their mission after incarceration. Doing so dramatically reduces the tendency of the offenders to commit future felonies.

Among the processes that you will undertake are education and vocational training, which increases the chances of successful job placement. The DOC also offers various transitional services. Check out their website if you need more info on their reentry programs.

2. Update Your Professional Wardrobe

While the DOC will provide a lot of help, you also have to make efforts to improve yourself. Strive to look as clean and professional as possible once you invest in jobs for felons in PA.

Get yourself formal or professional-looking clothes in thrift shops or Goodwill, if there’s any. Look for any chance to save money as paying for rent and other expenses will most likely put a dent in your limited budget.

3. Accept rejections gracefully.

Always be calm and honest regardless of the outcome of your application. It would be best if you view rejections as part of the process.

Try to learn as much as possible when it comes to job applications. Once you are used to job interviews and exams, it will give you confidence that may be the key for you to get hired next time.

Most likely, once you signed an employment contract, the salary may not be impressive. Keep in mind that this is normal, even for those who don’t have previous convictions. What’s most important is you can sustain yourself without having to look over your shoulders constantly.