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Jobs for Felons in Missouri

It can be challenging to look for a job in the city of Missouri. It can especially be hard for people with a record as many firms require their employees to have a clean record. However, the following jobs below consider everyone for employment no matter your record.

Truck Driving

The past few years have seen an increased demand for truck drivers. Thanks to many people now shopping online rather than going to the shop physically. It has increased the need for truck drivers to move products from one location to another for quick deliveries in Missouri.

Being a truck driver is often difficult. It also means being away from home for the majority of the time. That said, truck driving is one of the jobs for felons in Missouri that will let you earn a decent income.

You also only need to have a professional truck driving license and the willingness to work hard. Another thing about being a truck driver is that you have to enjoy life on the road and away from home. For this reason, truck driving is more than just a job: it is a lifestyle.

Still, truck companies plan to make sure that their drivers stay home for a certain number of days per week. So, in conclusion, truck driving is a job you might want to consider when looking for jobs that accept anyone irrespective of their record.

Amazon Package Sorter

This is another one of the best jobs for felons in Missouri. You get to become part of a team that prepares orders for individuals that depend on Amazon services in Missouri and the country as a whole.

You can choose to work on a flexible schedule or a full-time schedule with healthcare benefits. Amazon services have become part of the community’s everyday life, delivering vital supplies directly to people who need them. So you can think of your job as a way to give back to the community.

Amazon takes the health of its workers seriously in all aspects of its services. There are safety precautions in all its buildings to ensure that you are safe no matter what you do. You can also be more than just a sorter at Amazon by moving up the ladder to become a leader in operations and Human Resources.