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Do Felons Get A Stimulus Check In 2022?

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We know what you’re thinking: prison inmates getting a stimulus payment? Is such a thing even possible?

According to the CARES Act issued by Congress, it is! The people who meet the requirements get $1200 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Only undocumented immigrants, claimed dependents, a probate estate, or trusts cannot claim.

Though, no statement rules out inmates or incarcerated felons.

Before anyone noticed, 1.5 billion prisoners received stimulus money. This caused a public uproar, with a majority saying that it was wrong for an incarcerated person to benefit.

The IRS thought so too and went as far as doing whatever it could to snatch back those payments.

After a judge’s ruling, prisoners had a fighting chance to claim their relief checks.

Now that the third round of stimulus checks is out, we must ask this again. Are felons still able to get a stimulus check? If so, how can they be able to claim it? Are there any limitations set to receive payment?

We have all questions and answers relating to the topic, so continue reading.


Do Felons Get a Stimulus Check?

Based on the CARES Act, felons are eligible for stimulus checks.

Many prisoners have families they can no longer provide for because of incarceration. The economy also took a turn for the worst and left many people in financial ruin.

With the stimulus funds, low-income families can endure these stressful times.

Do People in Jail Get a Stimulus Check?

Incarceration has no impact on an inmate’s eligibility for claiming a stimulus check.

Be it jail or prison, prisoners can receive payment as long as they meet all the requirements.

These days, the living cost within prisons has become expensive for those behind bars. The cost of a phone call between a prisoner and loved ones estimates at about $4. Hygienic supplies and medical copayments also demand payment.

In prison, inmates have opportunities to work for money, often paid in cents every hour. Since the pandemic, life behind bars became more difficult. Cuts to funding that supported entertainment, books, and food quality were gone first.

With the checks, the necessary aid provides for imprisoned people. It helps those who can’t rely on money transfers from family or have zero resources to make income.

If Someone Got Out of Prison, Would They Get a Stimulus Check?

Those with short-term imprisonments have an easier chance to receive their stimulus checks.

Being in prison means no access to the internet or physical forms. For those released, they are fortunate to receive a second chance.

Post-incarceration is a hurdle in itself. Even before the pandemic, you were starting over with no money and a criminal record tied to your name.

Once the pandemic hit, job hunts became more brutal than ever. Add that to the high unemployment rate, and finding work as an ex-convict is near impossible.

The relief payment is a temporary solution but offers time for the person to readjust to society.

Does Incarceration Make People Ineligible for Stimulus Payments?

Being incarcerated does not make someone ineligible for stimulus payments. Yet, most prisoners believe this was the case.

After prisoners got their first stimulus check, the IRS handled the issue with poor taste. The first thing they did was lie on the “FAQ” section on the official website. When people asked the question, the answer they got was no. Incarcerated people were not eligible to receive social security payments.

It was a poor attempt to cover their mistake. The economic impact payment is a refundable tax credit. It has nothing to do with social security.

Since then, the IRS has made countless efforts trying to retrieve these payments. Even after the ruling, obstacles still block many inmates from receiving their checks.

During the first wave, prison guards took the money and claimed it as fees and restitution owed by an inmate.

During the second wave, the IRS and prison facilities were unable to deduct money. To get around this, prisoners got their stimulus in the form of a debit card. With no way of making a deposit, the cards were completely useless.

Did incarceration make people ineligible?

Yes and no. The authorities found ways to offer little help and made access that much harder.

How Can I Get My Stimulus Check?

In 2022, it is possible to claim all three stimulus checks.

The person files a Federal Tax return for 2020 to claim the first two checks as Recovery Rebate Credit.

For the third check, the person files a Federal Tax Return for 2021. They will follow the same steps, but each form will account for different years. The 2021 Tax return may also contain updated guidelines for eligibility.

How Do I Claim My Stimulus Checks As the Recovery Rebate Credit on My Tax Return?

You can claim your stimulus checks as recovery rebate credit by filling out the 1040 form.

To fill out this section of the form, follow these instructions:

  1. Select filing status
  2. Enter name(s)
  3. Include ID#, address, and social security
  4. Answer the virtual currency question
  5. On line 12, enter “Standard Deduction”
  6. Follow the instructions to calculate the Recovery Rebate Credit. Use the amount for the following lines:
    • (Recovery Rebate) Line 30
      • (Total Other Payments & Refundable Credit) Line 32
        • (Total Payments) Line 33
          • (Overpaid) Line 34
          • (Refunded to you) Line 35a
  1. Complete direct deposit information on lines 35b-35d.
  2. If you don’t choose direct deposit, a paper check mail instead.
  3. Sign the return.

Will the Amount of My Stimulus Check Reduce If I Have Overdue Prison Debts or Other Unpaid Debts?

If the person is carrying debts, the checks will take those deductions into account. Child support and other forms of state or federal debt are included in those considerations.

The only type of checks that won’t deduct the full payment is direct checks.

Prisoners, Fugitives, Parolees, and Others Who Don’t Get a Stimulus Check

Not every incarcerated prisoner is eligible to receive a stimulus check. This applies to the following:

  • A convicted criminal placed in jail or prison
  • Incompetent individuals
  • People who are labeled as dangerous or as sexual offenders
  • People that fled to evade prison time or prosecution for a felony
  • People in violation of parole or probation

Frequently Asked Questions

These specific questions help certain people in receiving their stimulus check:

What must a parolee do to get stimulus checks?

The parolee cannot violate their probation. If no problems arise, the person is eligible to file for a federal tax return. They would still claim the checks as recovery rebate credit.

How will a homeless person who got out of jail accept and receive a stimulus check?

There are ways for a homeless person to claim a stimulus fund.

Those with no home can visit certain shelters and organizations.

The right owner can assist by offering their business address to receive payments.

A place of worship or a local post office can also be an alternative place to claim a check.

Wrapping Up

A felon can receive a stimulus check. There are a lot of methods to claim a check, with better protection to guarantee a full deposit.

It’s not right to deny someone some relief during these times. It’s an act against basic human services, one might say. It doesn’t make it right to intentionally withhold funds from a person’s right to them – even if they have a criminal background.  

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