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Finding a new job with a felony can be really hard and sometimes, people fall back into the habit of abusing a substance to cope with the issue(s) they’re faced with.  

If you are someone, or have a loved one who is dealing with substance abuse – PLEASE make a free call to 866-945-2509 for assistance finding the help you need.  At this point in time, the main issue for you or your loved one isn’t finding a job….it’s dealing with the substance abuse problem.

See the resources:

Expungement Services:  The root cause of all of your problems is the felony on your record, and we have partners to fix that.  They focus exclusively on sealing and expunging criminal records for those that need a second chance.

Direct Screening:  One of the keys of understanding how to get employed with a record is to understand what employers see when they run a background check on you.  This service allows you to do that by running a background check on yourslef for as low as $12.95.

Figuring out the right Health Insurance as a felon is difficult.  There are so many options out there and it’s a requirement to have insurance to make sure you don’t go bankrupt due to unforeseen medical bills.  If you need health insurance and want personal help selecting the right plan, please call: 888-716-6808.

Curadebt.com:  Debt is a topic that no one likes to discuss, but it’s one of the things that many former felons have due to bills piling up while incarcerated.  Curadebt has done an amazing job helping people since they were founded in 2000 and even offers free credit counseling consultation with no strings attached. 

Legal Representation:  One of the most difficult things is to know where to turn when a legal issue occurs.  It doesn’t matter if that issue is a felony expungement, DUI, criminal defense case, or even something like bankruptcy.  Most felons don’t have the resources available to help, but our partners have connected us with a network of lawyers who give FREE consultations to let you know your options.

MyPerfectResume.com:  If you aren’t that great at writing resumes, or don’t have a lot of job experience, here’s an awesome resource for you. This is an easy to use online resume builder where you can create a beautiful resume from one of their pre-made templates absolutely free. The website walks you through each step and by the end you’ll have a resume ready to go for potential employers.  If you’re more interested in simply polishing up your current resume, we highly recommend you view these resume tips from LiveCareer. 

Recommended Book List:  Whether you’ve already been released, or were just charged with a felony, one of the best things you can do for yourself is study up to better understand what you can expect. How will your life be impacted? What changes can you expect? To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of the best books and resource guides (aside from the guide that we created) that we could find.

Lynda.com:  This is undoubtedly the best place to go on the internet to get the job skills that you need to get hired again.  Not only that, but the company offers a 10-day free trial.  If you would like to learn skills that you can then take to find jobs on places like Upwork (below) then this is the perfect resource for you.

Upwork.com:  This marketplace is 100% free to join and has listings of thousands of jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home as long as you have an internet connection and a computer.  These aren’t scammy jobs either, these are legitimate jobs that small business owners list and will pay you for if you have the skills/knowledge to complete them.  In fact, this website was built from the help of many contractors who are on this website.

Pingo.com:  Many of our website visitors have explained how expensive calls are when they were in prison, have loved ones in prison, or even after prison while in a halfway house.  This is a calling service provider that allows you to make calls for as low as $0.01/minute.