Nevada Reentry Programs


Nevada Department of Corrections
: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Nevada.

Casa Grande Re-Entry Center– This modern facility provides inmates nearing the end of their sentences the tools for a successful return to society while costing Nevada taxpayers very little.

College of Southern Nevada ReEntry Program – The ReEntry Program assists individuals with significant barriers to education and/or employment, including: single parents, displaced homemakers, students with disabilities, educationally disadvantaged students and individuals interested in nontraditional occupations (for their gender) in Career and Technical Education (CTE) fields.

Foundation for Recovery – Foundation for Recovery provides Peer Recovery Support Services to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders. We provide resources on housing, job searches, support networks, and rehabilitation.

Health Care for Re-entry Veterans (HCRV) Program– Most Veterans who are in jail or prison will eventually reenter the community. VA’s HCRV program is designed to promote success and prevent homelessness among Veterans returning home after incarceration.

Hope for Prisoners – We work to empower returning ex-offenders and their families to create a successful future built on strategic leadership and character development, by assisting those fighting for a second chance.

National HIRE Network: Nevada is a directory of Nevada organizations, which may be useful for people with criminal records in their transition back into their community.

Ridgehouse Re-Entry Program– Our re-entry programs are designed to develop skills for independent living and facilitate the process of rejoining the community by making that journey less daunting. Financial education, counseling and communication skills are fundamental to lifelong success.

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  • The ‘Casa Grande Re-entry Center’ and the ‘College of Southern Nevada Re-entry Program’ is not showing up when clicking on them. Are these programs now defunct?

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