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Richmond, Virginia

Jobs for Felons

Need a job? Want something more than just working at a grocery store? You are probably thinking to yourself, “Who hires felons near me?

This can be a challenging question to answer without the proper resources. It may even feel like life in prison was easier because you keep getting turned down no matter where you go because of your past. It can feel impossible just to make a living and start a new life.

It can feel unfair to be shown the door constantly simply because of your record. You already paid your debt to society, and now you are ready to begin that life you were promised once you leave prison.

Are There Companies Hiring Felons?

The trouble is finding a job that hears you when you think, “Who hires felons near me?” and responds with an “I do.” Thankfully, numerous businesses, small and large, are willing to hire individuals in your situation.

These companies firmly believe that individuals looking for work shouldn’t be judged by their past but by their commitment. Their commitment is not only to excel at the jobs they find but also to improve themselves and the communities that they are now part of.

How Can We Help You?

 As a society, we should not let individuals that did their time and pay for their crimes be left behind. These individuals are just as capable of becoming their communities’ pillars as anyone else, given the tools and resources.

This is where we can help you. We are utterly dedicated to providing the assistance you need to get back on your feet and finally begin that life you have always wanted.

So, the next time you think to yourself, “Who hires felons near me?”, look for us. We can connect you with various companies that are not only offering jobs but also careers.

We are not in the business of just giving you a dead-end job and calling it a day. We want to help you find work that offers growth and advancement, so you can enjoy stability for many years to come. This is to ensure that you can pick up the pieces of your life and rebuild it into something you are proud of.

Richmond, Virginia

The city of Richmond, Virginia has an approximate population of 227,000 persons in 2017. Usually, a major city like this offers a wide variety of job opportunities at various levels. While finding a job is challenging for anyone, someone with a felony record will likely have an even greater obstacle in front of them because of a lower priority and more limited opportunities.  

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Richmond and their hiring policies.

Available Jobs Near You

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

How we help

This website was created by a few folks who have personally watched their loved ones struggle to get a job due to having a felony.

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