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Phoenix, Arizona

Jobs for Felons

For Phoenix, Arizona, many jobs are available for individuals. As of 2017, the population was approximately 1.6 million people. If you have a criminal record, it may be a harder search to find that job opportunity, but they are out there.

You will find plenty of companies offering jobs for felons in Phoenix AZ. These businesses strive hard to hire competent employees to help them succeed, regardless of their past. What is challenging is to determine which applicant is telling the truth about his personal information.

Employers can conduct a pre-employment background check on their applicants, but they need to work with trustworthy service providers. It is one way of ensuring that they follow the correct process according to state and federal law.

Background Check Laws in Arizona

You have to be familiar with the background check laws and policies to know your legal rights as an applicant looking for jobs for felons in Phoenix AZ.

1. Federal Laws

There are two federal laws related to hiring applicants with a criminal record. These laws will protect the employer and the applicant.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

This federal regulation comes with specific policies and guidelines about employment background checks. Employers must inform the applicant in written form about their plan of doing a background check on him.

Applicants must know if you will not hire them because of the gathered information from the background information. An employer must provide the applicant at least five working days to dispute the background check results.

Title VII

The other federal is called the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, inhibiting discrimination of applicants and employees. The enforcing federal agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), issued guidelines for Arizona employers not to base their hiring decision on the background check results.

Employers must first assess the applicant thoroughly if he can or cannot perform the task, regardless of whether he has a criminal record or not.

2. State Law

After checking federal laws, let us try to see laws related to jobs for felons in Phoenix AZ 

Arizona Civil Rights Act

The Arizona Civil Rights Act is all about protecting the applicant against discrimination during the employment process. When an applicant applies for a job, employers must inform the candidate that they will not use his criminal record when deciding on his employment status. This law ensures that ex-offenders are given an equal chance to work, similar to those who do not have a criminal record.

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Phoenix and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

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