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Mesa, Arizona

Jobs for Felons

By 2017, approximately 496,000 people make their home in Mesa, Arizona. With this many citizens, a city of this size typically offers a wide variety of jobs in many employment areas. Finding work is challenging enough for most people, but it is even more of an obstacle for someone with a felony conviction because of lower priority and limited opportunities secondary to their criminal record.  

Searching for jobs for felons in Mesa Arizona can be a difficult task. Suppose you’ve already tried your luck looking around. In that case, you may not have had the proper resources to connect you to open jobs that don’t discriminate.

We’ve taken the time to research and list company jobs that are unbiased towards their applicants. We hope to aid you in searching for a long-term position that provides you benefits, bonuses, and opportunities to grow with a company.

Jobs for Felons in Mesa Arizona

In the Arizona area, many jobs are looking to hire talented individuals regardless of their criminal history. We’ve researched heavily to ensure that these jobs won’t discriminate against you when you apply.

Here are some of the jobs for felons in Mesa Arizona:

Machine Operator

A machine operator is in charge of setting up, operating, and maintaining machinery. Depending on the job, one may need to understand how to provide checks on equipment, troubleshoot machinery, and work closely with other team members to ensure a smooth project.

While you don’t need any special schooling to apply to the position, we recommend that you have a strong background in working with machinery. Otherwise, your application will get rejected.

Trash Collector

Another good entry-level job that can help pay the bills is a trash collector. A trash-collecting job is fairly straightforward. Duties will include picking up trash from either business lots or local residences.

The job is physically demanding, but the compensation is fair. As long as you can stay on your feet throughout the day, then it’s a decent job to apply to. Plus, the job is flexible and has positions during the day and at night.

Sales Representative

A sales representative position is perfect for those who lack experience but have strong social skills. Companies hire sales representatives to sell company products, communicate with other businesses, and provide training to other team members.

Most sales representatives have some sort of formal business training. That said, plenty of companies will hire candidates with no experience and train them on the job.

Current Job Openings in Mesa Arizona

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Mesa and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

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