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Columbus, Georgia

Jobs for Felons

Once you are employed, things start to get better. For starters, you can provide for yourself and live independently.

Secondly, there is an inherent sense of stability and security. Finally, you can think about your future and finally leave the past behind.

Although there are many jobs for felons in Columbus Georgia, finding the right one can be tricky. That is primarily because each job has specific requirements that may be transferable in some cases but not in all. Nonetheless, we have put together a list of the best jobs available for felons.

Jobs for Felons in Columbus Georgia

Retail Remodeling

Do you enjoy organizing different areas? Opting for a retail remodeling gig can be beneficial if you have a natural knack for remodeling personal spaces. Most of the retail remodeling jobs for felons in Columbus Georgia have a night shift, so you have many open spaces to get creative.

This is also beneficial for introverts looking for a calm and peaceful position. Additionally, since employees need to pick up at least 30 pounds of weight, we recommend only applying if you don’t have any back problems.

Truck Driving

There are many trucking positions available for felons in Columbus. However, you will not be able to get a trucking job based on your regular license. That is because you need a special commercial driver’s license (CDL) to drive trucks in the USA legally.

Having a CDL is mandatory whether you opt for a regional truck driver position or a local one. Additionally, you will find that it is not very difficult to acquire this license, especially if you know how to drive from beforehand.

Customer Service

Do you consider yourself a patient person? How would you rate your persuasive speaking skills?

If you have good communication skills and are generally regarded as an extrovert, then a customer service representative job will benefit you. Most positions in Columbus also require candidates to have a certain level of digital skills. Therefore, if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, we recommend enrolling in any data management software course.

Trash Collecting

There are many perks of working as a trash collector, even though the position may not sound very glamorous. For starters, there is very little human interaction as the job is more nature intensive. Many of these positions are also generally part-time, so you can easily earn some good money on the side.

Current Job Listing in the Area

By 2017, Columbus, Georgia had a population of approximately 197,000. With this many citizens, numerous job opportunities are typically available to the general public having no criminal background. Finding a job can be challenging for most people, but our research indicates that it is even a greater obstacle for someone with a felony offense because of reduced opportunities and a lower priority secondary to their criminal record.

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Columbus and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

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This website was created by a few folks who have personally watched their loved ones struggle to get a job due to having a felony.

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