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Akron, Ohio

Jobs for Felons

The population of Akron, Ohio grew to around 198,000 people by 2017 estimates. With this many citizens, a city like this offers numerous jobs in a wide variety of areas to the general public. Finding work is challenging for most people, but it is even more of an obstacle for someone with a felony record because they are not always granted the same priority and opportunity for employment due to a criminal background.

Finding a job as a convict can be difficult, especially if you have been in jail for a long time. However, the best way to integrate yourself into society is by getting employed. A job can provide stability and security for the future.

Despite having a record, you will find that there are many jobs for felons in Akron Ohio. Although the available jobs may not be very glamorous, they are still a way to get you started on your rehabilitation journey.

Jobs for Felon in Akron Ohio

Our research suggests that there are many companies hiring convicts in Akron. Keep in mind that it is important to find a job matching your skill set and personal preference. To help reduce your overall research time, we have put together some common types of jobs available in Akron.

Customer Service and Sales

Are you a people person? How would you rate your communication and digital skills? These are some of the most important skills a customer or sales representative should have. 

A customer representative job is also a great way to get your foot in the corporate world. It is primarily because it helps you build connections and relationships that can be beneficial when looking for jobs in the industry.

Truck Driving

There are many truck drivers jobs available for felons in Akron, but you will find that all these require a Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL). So, if you are interested in applying for any of these jobs, we recommend brushing up on your driving skills before getting a CDL.

There are essentially two types of truck drivers jobs available: regional and local. If you enjoy traveling and minimal human interaction, we recommend opting for a regional position. On the other hand, a local trucking position most often requires a certain level of customer service.

Warehouse Packaging

One of the most interesting jobs available for felons in Akron is in warehouse packaging. If you enjoy organizing and working in fast-paced environments, then these are great opportunities to explore. 

Most of these opportunities have great benefits and decent working hours. Many people have also found working in the warehouse packing industry a great way to work up the hierarchical ladder.

Companies Hiring Felons in Akron

Some major employers in Akron are listed below, including expectations and essential information when applying for these jobs with a felony record. Following that are some job opportunities in the Akron area that our research indicates may be open to hiring felons.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search.

Summa Health: Positions in healthcare are rewarding and attractive to many people wanting to help those with medical issues. Jobs in health are more typically available to those with a clear record. These types of opportunities, according to our research, are extremely limited for felons to obtain because of state license and certification requirements often denied to felons because of their record. T

Cleveland Clinic: Jobs in health are certainly possibilities for the general public with a spotless record.  A few basic support positions may be available for someone with a criminal background, but many jobs in healthcare require the type of certification and license from the state that felons are often restricted from obtaining because of their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Akron Children’s Hospital: Health-related positions can be challenging enough for those with a clear record to get. Someone with a felony conviction will face even greater obstacles when looking for work in this field because of state license and certification demands typically denied to felons. A few support positions might be possible, but even these will be extremely limited, according to our research. This is probably not going to work out.

Akron Public Schools: Education offers many job options for people with no criminal record. However, our research reveals that because of concerns regarding contact with minors, felons will not likely be successful here. There are also requirements for state licensing and certification that make this a very unlikely employer when looking for work.

Goodyear: Many job opportunities are available in a variety of positions quite frequently. These opportunities will go to the segment of the population that has no criminal record.  Having any type of involvement with the criminal justice system will make it quite difficult to be hired here. However, it does seem that Goodyear hires felons. While they will not hire all felons, they may give consideration to those who are serious about reentry into society, finding meaningful employment, and providing support to their families. It will, of course, based on our research, make a significant difference as to the felony offense, its severity, and when it occurred. This may be a place to look for work.

Group Management Services: This business provides HR services to many companies. Among these services are financial and management positions. These jobs will go to those with a clear record. Having any type of criminal involvement, especially a felony conviction, will make it extremely difficult to find employment here. Our research suggests that may be possible to work here with a misdemeanor.

Summit County: There are many county government jobs in various departments and with different levels of education and skill. While most of these positions will go to those with a spotless record, some opportunities may be possible for felons, though it will be a significant challenge to find work here. Our research suggests that if they persevere and are patient through the application and background check process, they may have some chance. It will make a difference on the nature of the felony offense and when it occurred. This is a possibility for employment.

FirstEnergy Corp.: This energy company has numerous positions frequently available in different departments and with different skills required. These opportunities will go to the population with a clean record. Based on our research, it does not appear that FirstEnergy hires felons. Therefore, there is not likely to be any type of job opportunities here.

Signet Jewelers: As a nationwide jewelry dealer, many opportunities are available for those with a variety of skills for different positions. These jobs will go to the part of the population with a clear record. Having any type of criminal offense, especially a felony conviction, will make it extremely difficult to find any type of employment here, according to our research. There may be some opportunity to work here with a misdemeanor.

University of Akron: There are many job opportunities in education available at the secondary level. Our research indicates that this is true primarily for those who do not have a criminal background. Felons are at a distinct disadvantage from the general public because of their criminal involvement not lending itself to education positions at a university. A few basic support positions might exist.

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