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  • Chipotle is a fast-food Mexican restaurant chain, specializing in tacos and burritos.

    The company opened in 1993, with its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

    In its early years, Chipotle was a division of McDonalds, receiving regular funding to promote growth.

    Currently, the company has more than 2,250 locations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France and has more than 45,000 employees.


of surveyed employees said the company does background checks.


of surveyed employees said the company does drug tests.

When you have completed your sentence and are looking for a job, you might consider applying at Chipotle if you have experience in working at a restaurant.

Does Chipotle hire felons? Let’s answer this question here.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the following:

Hiring Process

The minimum age to work at Chipotle is 16 years old.

An application for a position at Chipotle is done online.

It may take 30 minutes to complete the Chipotle application.

This will include providing basic information like your name, address, phone number, work experience and education.

The company will hold face-to-face in-store interviews for anyone being considered for a position.

You may have at least two interviews, especially if Chipotle is interested in hiring you.

Interview questions will likely focus on why you want to work for Chipotle, what customer service means to you, and whether you prefer to work alone or as part of a team.

It’s important to remember that all Chipotle restaurants are owned by the company and are not franchises.

Hiring decisions are made primarily by the local managers, but these are based on company guidelines.

They look for individuals who want to grow with the company.

They look for those who are polite, ambitious, honest, and conscientious.

While there may be a number of positions at a Chipotle location, most job openings are for workers in entry-level jobs like in the kitchen as a cook and at the front taking orders and as a cashier.

Entry-level positions require you to handle food regularly and interact with customers.

Being able to work under pressure and showing good customer service are important.

Typically, it may take a week for the application process, including any background check.

During the application process, Chipotle will ask for permission to perform a pre-employment criminal background check.

Does Chipotle Background Check?

Yes, Chipotle does conduct a background check on anyone who may receive a job offer, looking for any felony conviction.

The company also may conduct a drug test later in the hiring process.

Chipotle’s stance toward felons is, “Anyone is welcome to apply to our restaurants and if someone is considered for employment all of these issues will be looked into. We encourage anyone to apply.”

In evaluating your background, Chipotle will focus on felony convictions within the past seven years.

Being hired at Chipotle as a felon depends on the nature of the crime.

A felony conviction for a violent crime might result in a denial for employment.

All questions on the application regarding criminal history must be answered truthfully.

If a job is offered, an applicant will be asked to consent to a background check, so not being honest will immediately disqualify him or her.

background check is run at Chipotle like most other companies to protect the company, its employees, and the customers.

An Opportunity for Felons?

Chipotle has a history of giving felons a chance to succeed and get a fresh start.

This doesn’t mean that they will hire all felons.

It will make a difference as to the type of felony and other factors.

These typically include the severity of the felony, how long ago it occurred, and if it was a one-time offense.

Chipotle doesn’t make it easy to get a job there, but the company does seem to have an open mind.

That is important to remember as you are seeking employment.

It is important to remember to be positive, honest, and grateful for the opportunity to interview with the company.

Having a current resume can make a big difference.

Does the Type of Felony Matter?

Yes, the type of felony does make a difference as you might expect.

Chipotle does hire felons, but they don’t hire anyone with a violent or sexual offense.

Both of these are serious crimes against persons that violate their most personal rights.

Additionally, it may be challenging to get a job there with a theft or forgery conviction.

These are crimes that violate the trust of the company and render you a poor candidate for employment in their opinion.

If they can’t trust you with money or working around finances, they don’t want you.

Forgery is a type of crime involving dishonesty and a lack of morals, called moral turpitude.

All of these can become deal breakers for you.

Can You Run a Background Check on Yourself?

Yes, you can run a background check on yourself.

We suggest doing exactly that.

Why would you want to run your own background check?

Don’t you get enough of those when you apply for a job?

That’s true.

But doing your own ahead of applying at Chipotle will give you a heads up on what they will find about you when they run their background check.

If you have any questions, you can contact an attorney.

It’s important to take action and not risk a chance on the results.

After all, this is your future at stake.

So why not know what would come up in a background check?

The more you know the better prepared you will be to answer any questions that might come up in an interview.

This also means being honest with Chipotle about your past along with your criminal record.

If you aren’t honest, this would constitute fraud, which is a punishable offense that could put you back in prison.

If you are eligible, you could have your record expunged.

That would allow you to honestly answer on an application that you have no convictions on your record.

Steps to Take

There is a chance to be hired at Chipotle.

They could help you in your efforts to reenter society.

If you are honest about your past and don’t have a serious violent or sexual offense, you may succeed here.

Being hired there isn’t a given, but what is?

Take advantage of the chance and don’t let your past bring you down.

It’s up to you to decide how important getting a job is.

No, it isn’t easy, but don’t get discouraged.

A company like Chipotle can give you a start.

You don’t have to be defined by your mistakes.

Let how you respond to your mistakes define you, and what you can do with your future.

Live a new, honest life with your family and friends supporting you.

So what do you think about this blog post about whether or not Chipotle hires felons?

Have you or someone you know tried to get a job at Chipotle?

What was that like and what happened?

Please tell us in the comments below.

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