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Does Wendy’s Background Check?

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The biggest challenge felons face after their release is finding a job.

A felon who has experience working in a fast food restaurant may want to apply at Wendy’s.

This blog post will cover whether or not Wendy’s runs background checks.

  • What is Included in a Background Check?
  • Wendy’s Application
  • Wendy’s Background Check
  • Tips for Getting a Job at Wendy’s


What is Included in a Background Check?

Employers like Wendy’s review an applicant’s background because they don’t want someone who doesn’t succeed after starting a job.

This is considered to be a “bad hire,” which is someone who:

  • Doesn’t produce quality work
  • Has a negative attitude
  • Doesn’t work well with other employees
  • Doesn’t deal well with customers
  • Doesn’t have the skills they stated on an application
  • Has attendance problems
  • Is dishonest on the job

The last issue is the biggest challenge for felons.

Their criminal history can be a problem when applying at Wendy’s even if they are now committed to living an honest lifestyle.

An employer typically views:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

Background information helps an employer like Wendy’s to determine a candidate’s:

  • Past mistakes
  • Character
  • Financial fitness

Wendy’s Application

Wendy’s began in 1969 and is one of the largest hamburger chains in the world with more than 6,000 locations around the world. It’s one of the largest companies in the United States.

Most Wendy’s restaurants are owned independently, and each manager establishes individual hiring standards.

This fast food chain is committed to creating careers and not just employing workers.

There is a possibility of moving into management even as a felon after being hired for an entry-level position and working toward promotion.

Wendy’s looks for applicants who are readily available and motivated to work with the general public.

An applicant needs to be interested and enthusiastic in serving customers and working as part of a team.

The application at Wendy’s includes several sections:

  • Personal information
  • Education
  • S. Military Service
  • Legal information
  • Employment history
  • References

In the legal section are questions regarding legal rights to work in the United States, discharges from past employment, and criminal convictions.

Affirmative answers to questions about employment termination and criminal convictions request information regarding mitigating circumstances of the event and eventual outcome (sentence, penalty, etc.).

The application also addresses false statements leading to grounds for denial of employment as well as the likelihood of a background check.

The hiring process begins with a one-on-one interview which lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The exact process varies according to the location because of individual management.

Wendy’s hires on an as-needed basis and may give interviews to multiple applicants the same day.

In the interview, a manager may provide situations to an applicant who must tell them how they would respond in a particular situation.

These situations involve:

  • Food preparation
  • Unhappy customers
  • Shift coverage
  • Closing and opening procedures
  • Cash drawer handling

Some additional questions may involve:

  • Would others consider you a friendly individual?
  • Why do you want to work for Wendy’s?
  • Do you regularly go above and beyond expectations?
  • Why do you think you can do this job?
  • What are your goals for the future?
  • Do you have any experience in the food industry?

Jobs available at Wendy’s include:

  • Crew members
  • Cooks
  • Cashiers
  • Managers

Wendy’s Background Check

During the application process, Wendy’s will ask for permission to perform a pre-employment criminal background check.

Wendy’s conducts a background check on anyone who receives a job offer, looking for any felony convictions.

The company also may conduct a drug test later in the hiring process.

Wendy’s considers all job-related aspects of each candidate’s background and experience.

There aren’t specific policies in place related to candidates with a criminal or felony conviction.

Many Wendy’s locations are franchises.

As such, it may be easier to land a position with a felony depending on the store manager and the location.

It’s important for any felon applying at Wendy’s to:

  • Know his or her criminal history
  • Answer all questions honestly
  • Focus on the positive

All questions on the application regarding criminal history must be answered truthfully.

If a job is offered, an applicant will be asked consent to a background check.

A routine background check at Wendy’s takes approximately one week.

A background check is run for Wendy’s to protect itself, its employees, and its customers.

A felon would have the best chance at getting a job at Wendy’s by having his or her record expunged.

Tips for Getting a Job at Wendy’s

It’s important to arrive on time for an interview, be oneself, and be honest.

A few tips for getting hired at Wendy’s include:

  • Be flexible and offer to work a variety of hours
  • Have reliable references
  • Be ready to provide a job history with a current resume
  • Be honest about all personal information and history
  • Maintain eye contact when answering questions
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Speak up clearly and show enthusiasm

Applying in person allows an individual to talk directly to the manager at Wendy’s.

This improves chances of being hired because the manager will remember the applicant and see their enthusiasm long before the interview.

Remember that most Wendy’s restaurants are franchises in which the manager determines the hiring policy.

Felons shouldn’t hide the fact that he or she has a felony conviction if it comes up.

Instead, he or she must explain the facts about that conviction without getting too emotional.

It’s never a good idea to lie about one’s past on an application.

This could result in not being considered for a job if Wendy’s finds out about it.

A felon should instead focus on their strengths.

These should be highlighted on the application and during the interview.

Additionally, doing his or her own background check allows a felon to know what an employer will see on his or her record.

What do you think about this blog post about whether Wendy’s runs background checks?

Have you or someone you know had Wendy’s run a background check?

What was that like and were they successful in being hired?

Please tell us in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Does Wendy’s Background Check?”

  1. Hi, I am a single mother whom has had a rough time finding employment opportunities with mistakes I made in my past. My felony charge has been many year’s ago although consumer report’s hurt me more I believe. In “1999” as the case happened in 1998 I did a year in “1999” To “2000’”. As i filed indignant low income for a restitution fine of $5,000 during my time so long ago during my year of incarceration. Assuming all had been taken care of as being young 23 yrs old not knowing anything about the criminal Justice system as I never had nor thought I’d be in a horrible situation. After getting out assuming I can move on with my life learn from my mistakes & being somewhere at the wrong time or anything can change your life so quickly & put you in a situation that can & will effect the rest of your life. Near “2021” as I went to seal my record as I lost all self employment due to Covid 19. I kept receiving refusal’s one after another from being hired anywhere.I received paperwork in the mail at this time can not seal or expunge your record due to owing a restitution fine of $ 5,000. Obviously having no idea it wasn’t any help to me 22 year’s ago filing indigence. Now what. Of course it’s always about the money with any system. I have had to be in the world of being judged discouraged & embarrassed and fall into a depression so many time’s. I kept getting refusal after refusal for any employment I mean any!!! Than consumer report’s started rolling In I have never really knew what those consist of. As of now I have a security freeze on all due to some identity theft may be involved. I am at no end’s with my situation I have a young daughter I have to provide for and a very hard worker dependable friendly respectful, And everyday look for employment that I know will not hire me call me negative Nancy but I live it and it is what it is and it’s true. !!! Will keep in touch with a public defender regarding going in front of a judge regarding my situation. Wondering when is this nightmare going to be over EVER ??? Obviously time isn’t something we have unless we have a pot of gold sitting at the bottom of a rainbow or a rich family to take away financial hardship. If I had one family with me they wouldn’t have that kind of money I have lost all of any family I had ALL. God Bless to anyone going through this I don’t think anyone should be defined by their past or there credit score especially to work in a fast food restaurant to work anywhere we can work as hard as anyone else. So many people make mistakes and they get lucky and just don’t get caught. ????‍♀️


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