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Walmart Community Grants: Funding Options Available To Check Out

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The Walmart Foundation and Walmart regularly support programs that align with their philanthropic endeavors to a tune of $1 billion in grants, donations, and gifts per year.

The company focuses on areas where it can do the most good.

Walmart takes elements of its business acumen and combines it with philanthropy, and through this union, it can make impactful changes in society.


What Are Walmart Community Grants?

The Walmart Community Grant Program aims to support the specific needs of local communities in areas where Sam’s Club and Walmart services are relevant. Areas where funding is possible include:

  • Education
  • Public safety
  • Hunger relief and healthy eating
  • Economic and community development Diversity & inclusion
  • Quality of life
  • Health and human services
  • Environmental sustainability

What Can Walmart Community Grants Be Used For?

Grantees may use Walmart community grants for initiatives that contribute to a more resilient community that can thrive off of sustainable development.

This includes disaster relief preparedness, healthier foods, talent recruitment for jobs in retail services, food drives, education assistance, and so on.

How Much Money Does Walmart Donate to Charity?

The global contribution that Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have provided every year is approximately $ 1.08 billion every year.

In 2013, for example, Walmart’s contributions in the United States alone totaled $1 billion in cash and gifts.

In 2018, Sam’s Club and Walmart associates banded together to host their annual campaign to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.

They have, at this point, raised over $1 billion over the past three decades.

Walmart’s contributions have funded the following activities:

  • To the people affected by Hurricane Sandy, they gave one million bottles of water
  • They donated $3 million to local law enforcement and $4.9 million to first responders
  • Local food banks received more than 351 million meals through the Feeding America program
  • Over $2 million went to diabetes-focused organizations across the U.S., including the American Diabetes Association
  • Share Our Strength received $1.9 million in grants from the Walmart Foundation to provide 122,000 families with the necessary skills and the means to prepare affordable and healthy meals
  • $106.4 million in cash and in-kind gifts, which gave 3,600 small business owners the necessary training and it awarded 265 small businesses loans

Walmart Community Grant Programs

There are various types of community grants that Walmart affords community members based on what area of need they would like to strengthen:

Types of Grant Programs

Walmart provides grant programs to help with needs throughout the communities they serve.

Local Community Grants

Every year Walmart’s stores in the United States provide grants in the community.

Each organization receives between $250 to $5,000.

The grants are geared toward addressing the deficiencies in the communities that they serve.

Various organizations benefit from elder services, street sweep projects, and animal shelters.

Northwest Arkansas Grant

Walmart has been a part of Arkansas since 1962 when Sam Walton opened up his very first store.

To become eligible for the Northwest Arkansas Giving Program, organizations have to be affiliates/chapters of larger organizations that operate in the region, or they must operate within Northwest Arkansas.

To learn more about eligibility for grants, research Northwest Arkansas Giving Guidelines.

Furthermore, Walmart works to strengthen the community by supporting the efforts of Walmart associates, whether through money or the investment of time itself.

All organizations must receive verification from CyberGrants FrontDoor.

Walmart Community Grants 2022

The grant cycle for 2022 begins on February 1 of that year, and the deadline for the application is December 31, 2022.

You can submit your application at all times during the funding cycle.

Be mindful that applications will remain active within their system for up to 90 days; applications will be automatically rejected at the deadline.

Does Walmart Sponsor Non-profit Organizations?

Walmart donates funds to eligible nonprofit organizations.

All eligible nonprofit organizations must either operate on a local level or must be an affiliate of a larger organization that operates locally.

Walmart continues to provide millions to local and national charities such as the Institute for Higher Education Policy, The Salvation Army, The Special Olympics, the National Urban League, YouthBlind, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and numerous disaster relief programs around the country.

Who is Eligible for Walmart Community Grants?

Any organization that wants to apply for a grant should review the eligibility requirements to ensure they fill out the correct application.

Eligibility Criteria

An eligible organization has to operate at the local level or be a member of a larger agency that operates within the community.

They must demonstrate that the grant will benefit the service area of the organization/facility that is requesting the funds.

An organization has to meet at least one of the following requirements to become eligible for a grant:

  • The organization currently has a tax-exempt status according to Section 501(c)(3) based on the Internal Revenue Code, categorized as a public charity per Section 509(a)(1)/(2)/(3), conducting functions in the U.S., listed on the IRS’ Master File; verified by CyberGrants FrontDoor
  • A charter school, nonprofit private or public K-12 school, junior/community college, private/state university or college
  • A faith-based organization or church that proposes a project that will benefit the entire community (soup kitchen, food pantries, clothing drive); verified by CyberGrants FrontDoor
  • Recognized as a government entity: county, state, or city agency, which includes fire department and law enforcement agencies that request funds strictly to be used for public matters; verified by CyberGrants FrontDoor

*Non-charities such as civic leagues, homeowner’s associates, a volunteer fire department, and other organizations like these are not currently eligible.

Walmart Donations

Walmart also makes donations to eligible organizations if they meet the guidelines.

How to Receive Donations From Walmart?

As of 2022, Walmart’s Community Giving Program offers donations if an eligible organization applies online through the company’s website.

This process involves providing comprehensive details about your organization; there also must be a detailed description of the event/program that requires funding.

After the application gets reviewed, the applicant will receive an email with further feedback.

Does Walmart Give In-Kind Donations?

The Local Community Giving programs only award financial donations at this time.

However, Walmart allows requests for in-kind contributions at your local Sam’s Club or Walmart facilities.

How to Apply for Walmart Community Grants?

There are multiple ways to apply for Walmart community grants depending on which program you’re eligible for.

Application Process

Walmart.org vows to support and collaborate with efforts related to their geographic area of focus and philanthropic endeavors.

For certain programs, the company will directly contact the organization.

Another option is to apply with an RFP (request for proposal); they also accept LOIs (letters of inquiry). Most commonly, there is an open application online.

The requirements are different depending on the type of program that you’re involved in.

Check the guidelines before you start applying to ensure that you’re applying to the correct grant program.

Concept Note

For the Access to Healthier Food program, a concept note is acceptable.

All nonprofit organizations have to function nationally through affiliates/chapters in numerous states in the country or through other programs that serve on a local or regional level.

The organizations have to seek funds to initiate activities on a national level.

Please review the guidelines and requirements before submitting any ideas using the Concept Note application.

If you would like to apply for funds using a concept note, use the following invitation code every time you start an application when you log in: OPENCONCEP.

Community Grant Program

This program provides grants from $250 and $5000 through one of the following facilities: Sam’s Club, Logistics Facilities, or Walmart stores.

As long as the nonprofit organization operates at a local level and their work will directly benefit the community they serve, they are eligible to apply.

Northwest Arkansas Giving Program

This program directly serves members of Northwest Arkansas, where the first Walmart was established.

The grants for the Northwest Arkansas program seek to enhance life for this community.

Any nonprofit organization that wants to apply for a grant must serve the Washington and Benton counties in Northwest Arkansas.

Please review the stipulations before applying.

Application Deadline

For the current year, the applications opened on February 1, 2022, and they close on December 31, 2022.

What is the Walmart Foundation?

Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in 1962.

Walton understood the importance of providing affordable products to those in small cities.

Twenty years later, in 1982, the Walmart Foundation was born to support the communities where there are Walmart stores.

The Walmart Foundation and Walmart stores work together and provide the necessary funds to create a brighter tomorrow.

Is Walmart Foundation a Private Foundation?

The Walmart Foundation is a private foundation with an appointed board of directors consisting of Walmart’s executives.

Where Does This Money Go?

The Walmart Foundation offers donations in three sectors:

  • Environmentalism
  • Economic support to local communities
  • Creating opportunities for minority and low-income individuals

The foundation is decentralized, meaning the store managers have the authority to select grantees.

They give funds to many groups as well as small charities and churches.

Their largest grants, totaling millions, go toward projects that focus on advocacy for minorities, the environment, and other causes.

Final Thoughts

Walmart, since its inception, has made it a mission to impact as many communities as possible in the United States and other countries around the world.

Through the Walmart community grants, the company makes a difference one community at a time while also pricing affordable products.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant or other financial donations from Walmart, please visit their website to learn more information and review the eligibility requirements.

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