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Does Chewy Hire Felons In 2023?

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Chewy Inc. is an online retailer located in Florida, USA, that specializes in pet supplies. The company has grown over the years, prompting the management to increase its workforce. However, most people do not know if the company hires past convicts.

So, if you have a criminal record and are considering getting formal employment at Chewy, this blog is for you. Read on to learn more about the company’s employment policy on past convicts and get a complete guide to the question, “does Chewy hire felons?”


Does Chewy Hire Felons?

Chewy hires felons, but it depends on each applicant’s case.  

The company has hired felons in the past, but they usually assess the severity of your criminal record.

For instance, they may hire you if you have a small charge like a misdemeanor instead of someone with a serious felony charge.

Ultimately, a felony is not the only thing Chewy considers during the interview process.

Does Chewy Hire You if You Have a Misdemeanor?

Yes, Chewy will hire you if you have a misdemeanor.

Misdemeanors are minor crimes that do not attract severe sentences. They include vandalism, pickpocketing, and driving under the influence, where nobody has been injured.

However, irrespective of Chewy’s resolve to hire someone with a misdemeanor, they will consider other factors.  

They will assess the type of charge, how long ago it occurred, and how many times you have faced a specific charge. Chewy may not hire you if you have several misdemeanors within a short period.

Furthermore, if your misdemeanor was a DUI, it may disqualify you from the company’s driving position or a role that requires you to operate heavy machinery such as forklifts.

Chewy will still hire you if you have a misdemeanor, but they will take into account various factors before giving you the job.

Does Chewy Have Special Programs for Felons?

Chewy does not have special programs for felons.

Furthermore, Chewy does not support the ban the box campaign, but they do not ask applicants about their criminal records during the application.

The company gives past offenders the opportunity to showcase their qualifications before asking them about their criminal records during the interview process. This approach is revealing of Chewy’s willingness to give everyone a fair chance.

However, it’s still advisable to disclose your criminal record when applying to work at Chewy. While the company does not discriminate against former felons, it will want to analyze each applicant to ensure a good match.

Does Chewy Background Check?

Yes, Chewy conducts background checks on all applicants. Furthermore, they may consider your results when reviewing your job application.  

Chewy’s background checks are conducted as far as seven years. Given this, It may take the company a few weeks to complete. It may take longer based on your state’s regulations on the items covered in the background checks.

Some of the common areas Chewy checks include:

  • Criminal record
  • Academic records and other personal information
  • Credit information
  • Driving history

Ultimately, you should disclose to the company that you have a criminal record before they conduct the background check.

It is better to be honest about your past rather than try to hide it. Indeed, being truthful may increase your chances of getting the job.

Does Chewy Drug Test?

Yes, Chewy drug tests the applicants. These tests are part of the interview process, and they are conducted after one receives the conditional offer.  

If you test positive, Chewy may rescind their offer of employment. The company routinely performs random drug tests during employment since it has zero tolerance for drug abuse.

Chewy typically uses an oral swab test. These tests are usually conducted during interviews and are integral to the interview process. They may utilize a five-panel urine test if someone comes to work appearing to be under the influence.

Ultimately, your drug test results may be the deciding factor in whether you will get the job.

Does Chewy Interview Applicants?

Yes, Chewy interviews applicants. They have a specific process to ensure applicants have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.

Here is the interview process followed.

  • Interview questions. Questions will be related to the position(s) you are interested in. You will also be asked to demonstrate your work experience.
  • Drug tests. The second part of the interview involves taking a drug test and getting your photograph taken. Chewy does not permit drug use during working hours.
  • Background check. The final stage involves filling out a consent form, giving the company permission to perform a background check on you.

You will wait for a few weeks after the interview to know whether you qualify for the job or not.

Types of Convictions That Make It Hard To Get Hired at Chewy

Knowing the answer to the question “does Chewy hire felons?” is one thing, but that doesn’t mean Chewy accepts all ex-felons.

Any conviction has the potential to impede an individual from getting specific jobs. Employers feel responsible or are liable for hiring people who could hurt their clients or other staff. Thus, most establishments conduct background checks to identify individuals who might have a harmful impact.

In that context, Chewy judges applicants based on their merit and the nature of the crime. They will assess how any offense might be relevant to the position an individual is applying for.

So, for instance, Chewy will automatically disqualify applicants who have felony charges for violent crimes. These types of convictions include:

  • Murder
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Arson
  • Robbery with violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Manufacturing, possession, and distribution of illegal drugs

Additionally, Chewy may not hire ex-offenders convicted of burglary and theft.

What Matters Most When Applying at Chewy?

When looking for a new job at Chewy, understanding various factors such as work environment or company values can be beneficial. It could let you find a role that suits your career goals and personality in the company.

Thus, whether you are a convicted felon or a regular individual seeking employment, you should consider what will matter the most at Chewy.

Opportunities for Growth

The chance to grow and develop in your career or business role matters most when seeking employment at a company like Chewy.

An entry-level job might not have the biggest salary, but it is a learning opportunity. You gain experience at the company while working towards improving your skills and earning a full-time position.

Company Values

Most individuals seek jobs that align with their career and life goals. For example, ex-felons, though they have limited job opportunities, often look for work at companies such as Chewy because they have positive company values. These include trustworthy service, simplicity, high-performance results, and commitment, among others.

Company’s History

While considering a job opportunity at an employer like Chewy, applicants will want to check the company’s history. Doing so lets you check its stability, culture, and values. Taking this approach will help prepare you for your application, interview, and more.

You may decide that the working environment would be ideal for someone on the road to recovery. Of course, there’s also the chance you might feel it isn’t compatible with your needs.

Some factors to research include how other former felons have fared, how often the company has laid off staff, or if there has been a history of financial troubles. At Chewy, no one needs to worry about lacking a job opportunity because they give ex-convicts a chance at fair employment.


At Chewy, whether you are an ex-convict or not, you will be eligible for a decent salary that can help you pay your bills and improve your standards of living.

Jobs at Chewy That Felons Should Apply For

Chewy is an online pet supplies shop with physical locations for manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.

With over 12 fulfillment centers and three customer care service centers across America, Chewy requires many staff members, including:

  • A Scrubber Operator: Here, you are required to perform duties like sweeping, upkeep, and driving. You can also assist with other UT tasks at the fulfillment center operations.
  • Part-time Warehouse worker: Your roles may include labeling, box making, loading and unloading trailers, and safely operating powered industrial trucks (PIT).
  • Forklift Operator. Felons without a DUI or drug problems can apply to be forklift operators. They will likely load and unload packages, and transport products to storage.  
  • Warehouse worker night shift. This role accepts technicians to conduct data entry, fill prescription orders, send shipments to customers, and store inventory in the warehouse.

Average Salary for Felons at Chewy

Chewy salaries depend on the role and location of the job. They often pay more than the federal minimum wage, as workers may get at least $12.50 an hour.

However, if a felon applies for a night shift role at a warehouse, they could get $18.00 per hour. As for the forklift operator job, individuals are eligible for $19.50 per hour.

Tips for Getting Hired at Chewy With a Felony Record

If you have a felony record, Chewy is an excellent option for gaining employment. Here are some tips to boost your chances of getting hired:

  • Do some volunteer work. Volunteering in soup kitchens, elderly homes, and non-profit organizations can help you gain valuable experience for your resume.
  • Gather references. Contact high school or college teachers, mentors, volunteer employers, community leaders, and former parole officers to vouch for your character.
  • Be truthful in your application. Embellishing a resume can backfire for applicants. Be open about your references, criminal background, or other personal info.

What Is the Best Time to Apply at Chewy?

The best time to apply at Chewy is during peak season, mainly between November and December. During this time, Chewy often recruits to meet a surge in demand, support a new product, or help a department expand.

So as soon as Chewy advertises their job vacancies, consider applying to increase your chances of employment.


So, does Chewy hire felons? Yes, it is an equal opportunity company that hires felons and individuals with misdemeanor cases. However, employment will depend on the type and nature of the conviction.

Thus, it is important for every individual seeking a job at Chewy to understand what will typically be expected of them when applying for a role at the company. Ultimately, by following the application process and being open about your past, Chewy could have a slot for you, convicted or not.

Meta description: Chewy is one of the biggest pet food retailers in the United States. But does Chewy hire felons? This complete guide answers that question and more.

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