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Can a Felon Vote in Washington?

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Legislators in the state of Washington permit the provisional reinstatement of voting rights upon the completion of a sentence. However, the sentencing court make take back said rights if a felon does not satisfy their legal financial responsibilities.


Felon Voting Law in Washington

If you were convicted of a felony within the state of Washington, you will regain the right to vote as long as you are not presently under the authority of the state’s Department of Corrections or DOC. Once you have your rights restored, you must re-register to vote. You can check with the DOC if you are not clear about your voting status.

If you are convicted of a felony in a state outside of Washington, your voting rights are restored once you have served your sentence or a supervised release. You can re-register to vote online, through the mail or in person. You don’t lose your right to vote if you have committed a misdemeanor conviction.

The Secretary of State’s office utilizes information furnished by the DOC and the court system to compile a list of eligible and ineligible voters. As long as you stay out of prison and make a good-faith effort toward the payment of court fees and costs, you will be able to vote. Any felon who willfully fails to make at least three payments within a year’s time, may have their voting rights revoked.

In order to restore rights or challenge a registration, you are required to file a Voter Challenge with your county’s elections department. You can read back-up details by following this link.

How a Felon in Washington Can Restore Their Voting Rights

You are eligible to re-register to vote in Washington if you are a US citizen, a legal resident of the state, will be at least 18 years old by a scheduled election date and have not be disqualified from the electoral process by a court order. You should not be serving time in a correctional facility if you wish to vote.

To establish your residency for voting, you must have been at your address for a minimum of 30 days before a scheduled election date. You can use a mailing address that is different than your home’s address. You can only register to vote at one location. It does not matter if you live in one home or own several residences, registration must be completed at one locale.

Even if you are not living inside Washington currently, you can retain your residency if you are employed by the military or civil service. People who live briefly overseas or are attending a college can also retain their residency. You can learn more about voting requirements by clicking on this link. It leads to the Secretary of State’s office website.

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