Can a Felon Vote in South Dakota?

Felons who are from South Dakota can regain their electoral privileges once they serve their sentence, including parole and probation. Voting rights are regained once they have met all the requirements established for restitution.

Felon Voting Law in South Dakota

To vote in South Dakota and re-register to vote, you must be at least 18 years old or older before a scheduled election date. You also must be a US citizen and resident of South Dakota. In South Dakota, a resident is defined as someone who has a place of fixed habitation, or one where, when you are absent, you plan to return. You should not be serving a sentence for a felony, whether it includes confinement, served or suspended, in a penitentiary system. A South Dakota social security number or state driver’s license are required to vote.

How a Felon in South Dakota Can Restore Their Voting Rights

The deadline to register to vote in South Dakota is 15 days before a scheduled election. Your voter’s registration card must be in receipt of the auditor’s hands in this span of time. The state permits parties to select the voters for their individual primaries. For example, both the Republican and Democratic primaries are closed to registered party members. Democrats in the state also include registered Independents.

You can go online and download a printable voter registration form and deliver it in-person or send it through the mail. In person, you can register at any of the following venues:

· The city finance office

· The county auditor’s office

· A driver’s license station

· Public assistance agencies that supply WIC, TANF or food stamps

· Military recruitment offices

· Department of Human Services offices that offer assistance to disabled individuals

Mail any completed voter’s registration form to the county auditor’s office. You can also receive verification of your right to vote by going online and contacting the Secretary of State’s office or the local county auditor. More information about the process can be reviewed by following this link.

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