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Can a Felon Vote in New Jersey?

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Felony voting rights in New Jersey are granted back to a felon once they have completed their prison sentence, including probation or parole. This information is supported by following the link to this site.


Felon Voting Law in New Jersey

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) website, you have the right to vote in New Jersey if –

· You are a US citizen and will be at least 18 years of age on Election Day

· You have been a resident of the state for at least 30 days prior to the election date

· You are mentally competent

· You are not currently incarcerated, on parole or on probation for a felony.

You have the right to vote if you are serving time for a civil matter or misdemeanor. You also have a right to register from jail by using a mail-in ballot. If you lose your voting rights as the result of a conviction for a felony, your electoral privileges will be reinstated once your parole, probation or sentence is completed. Felons must re-register to vote even if they were registered voters before their conviction.

How a Felon in New Jersey Can Restore Their Voting Rights

In New Jersey, once you have been released from prison, or have served your time for parole or probation, you can re-register to vote in local and national elections. Registration in the state must take place at least 30 days before a scheduled election. A voter should be 18 years old by the next election. The registration deadline is enforced 21 days before the election date. An application for registration can be downloaded from the state’s website and sent by mail or delivered in person to the Superintendent of Elections or County Commissioner.

Traditionally, paper-based systems have been utilized in the state to register eligible voters. Under the paper-based system, prospective voters completed a form and submitted it to officials. The officials then reviewed the application and approved it if the applicant was eligible, adding the name on the application to the state’s registration rolls.

Online registration works much the same way except the information is transmitted digitally. Proponents believe this method cuts costs and improves voter access. Currently, New Jersey does not offer registration online.

Usually, identification is required in order to register to vote. Some of the accepted forms include the following:

· A driver’s license

· State-issue ID card

· Military ID

Proponents of voter IDs state that these requirements are needed in order to prevent electoral fraud. Opponents believe that fraud of this type is rare and that the ID requirements place a restriction on voter rights.

In New Jersey, voters who do not supply valid forms of ID at the time of voter registration must show their identification at the polling place. Identification includes any type of valid photo ID, car registration, bank statement, government check or similar document. Polls in New Jersey open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 pm Eastern time. As an alternative, voters may also cast absentee ballots. No special eligibility requirements are needed for voting absentee.

However, in order to vote absentee, a registration to vote must be delivered to an election official seven days prior to the election if the form is returned by mail. The application may also be submitted by visiting a county election office until the stopping point of 3:00 pm on the day prior to the election date.

With respect to felony voting reinstatement, New Jersey is one of 19 states where voting rights are restored to a felon upon the completion of his or her sentence. The sentence includes the time in prison as well as time spent for parole or probation. You can find out more about the reinstatement of voting rights by clicking on this link.

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