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Can a Felon Vote in Delaware?

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People with felony convictions, who live in Delaware, will have their voting rights restored after they complete their sentence and pay all associated legal fines and fees. However, that being said, some felons cannot permanently restore their rights.

Anyone who is convicted of a felony that involves murder, bribery or a sexual offense cannot reinstate their rights. If the felony involves an election offense, then voting rights cannot be restored for a period of ten years after the completion of the sentence. You can obtain back-up information about voting rights by clicking on this link. Unless felons receive a pardon from the Governor for the commission of the listed crimes, they cannot reinstate their electoral privileges.


Felon Voting Law in Delaware

In Delaware, if you are serving time for a felony in a state prison, you cannot vote until you have been discharged from prison and served time for parole. After you have paid all penalties and fines that are connected with your conviction, you will have your voting rights reinstated. This includes serving time for probation.

Delaware, which once required released felons to wait five years to register to vote, has removed the waiting period. You can refer to the newly enacted amendment. Again, if the felony involves the crimes of murder, bribery, manslaughter, a sex offense or public corruption, a formal pardon from the Governor must be issued for electoral eligibility.

How a Felon in Delaware Can Restore Their Voting Rights

Delaware passed the Hazel D. Plant Voter Restoration Act on April 16, 2013. The amendment to the state’s constitution removed a five-year waiting period to regain the eligibility to vote. As a result, felons can now automatically reinstate their rights after they register. If they have completed their entire sentence, including incarceration, probation and parole, they can fill out the necessary paperwork. Once more, exceptions to this reinstatement cover felons who have been convicted of a felony that involves manslaughter, murder, bribery, an abuse of the powers of office or a sexual offense.

This information can be referenced in Article V, Section 2 of the Delaware constitution. If you have been convicted of one of the barred felonies, then you need to file for a pardon from the Governor’s office if you wish to reinstate your rights. Otherwise, you are free to register to vote. You can register online or via the mail through the Department of Elections. Access the site here for further details.

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