Wyoming Reentry Programs

Wyoming Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Wyoming.

Casper Re-Entry Center (CRC) – Casper Re-Entry Center Residential Therapy Program (RTP) offers the following services to its residents: Individual counseling, group counseling, substance abuse treatment, educational groups, peer led seminars, daily small group sessions, daily house meetings, weekly family counseling sessions, weekly family visitation, Meth Matrix, REBT, Substance Abuse evaluations, Life Skills and Community Re-entry classes, Parenting and Fatherhood classes, Anger Management groups, Relapse Prevention groups, Grief Counseling groups, NA/AA groups, GED classes, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, volunteer religious groups.

Life Net Douglas Wyoming Re-Entry Program – The goal of the Re-Entry Program is to provide the youth and family the necessary support to keep the youth from reoffending and to safely maintain in their community.

National HIRE Network: Wyoming – is a directory of Wyoming organizations, which may be useful for people with criminal records in their transition back into their community.

Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) – provides a variety of educational services to prison inmates. The WDOC is committed to providing quality educational and vocational programs to assist the incarcerated individuals to become responsible members of the family, workforce, and community upon release.

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