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Washington Reentry Programs

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Washington Department of Corrections

Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Washington.


4People.org is a comprehensive online resources, services and programs listings for each county in Washington State.

AARP Foundation WorkSearch

WorkSearch will fund classes if related to the job search and compensate for time in class as well.

The Program is short-term (months not years) with the expectation that participants are actively conducting a job search.

The AARP Foundation WorkSearch Program has the highest placement rate of all Senior Community Service Employment Programs in the U.S.

Staff is committed to helping those in need find their way back to work.

ACLU of Washington’s new Criminal Records Project

The Criminal Records Project provides direct legal services to people facing barriers to housing and employment based on criminal records.

This project assists people with vacating and sealing convictions under Washington law, and counsels individuals about whether denials of housing and employment comply with existing state and federal law.

This site contains basic information on criminal records issues and the ACLU’s services as well as community education guides, including the ACLU guides to Criminal Records and Employment and Getting and Reading Criminal History Reports.

Please use the online intake form for individuals seeking ACLU assistance.

CSOSA’s Transitional Intervention for Parole Supervision (TIPS)

The TIPS Program ensures that offenders transitioning directly to the community or through a halfway house receive assessment, counseling, and appropriate referrals for treatment and/or services.

DC Central Kitchen Culinary Job Training Program

We are working to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and prison. We enroll ex-offenders in our Culinary Job

Training program after they pass through a rigorous intake procedure that evaluates their readiness for our services, their commitment to beginning a new career, and the nature of their prior offenses (we do not admit anyone with a history of crimes against children).

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Helping individuals with disabilities to participate fully in their communities and become employed by providing individualized employment services and counseling to people with disabilities.

DVR also provides technical assistance and training to employers about the employment of people with disabilities.

Lydia’s Place, Inc.

Helps ex-offenders through one-to-one mentoring, information and referral, and family activities.

Pre-Release Services: Bible studies, worship services, pre-release counseling, parenting classes, and literacy tutoring.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts with more than 33,500 weekly meetings in over 116 countries worldwide.

Oxford Houses of Washington State

This is a group of self-run, self-supported recovery houses that provide an opportunity for every recovering individual to learn a clean and sober way of life–forever.

Oxford House, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit umbrella organization of the national network of individual Oxford Houses.

Contributions and grants are used to expand the network of Oxford Houses by providing trained outreach workers to establish new houses and central service support to existing houses.


Pioneer provides treatment, housing, job training and employment services to formerly incarcerated individuals in Washington State.

As a social enterprise, the organization provides individuals with a criminal history the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.

Transition from Prison to Community Initiative

This organization identifies and promotes adoption of evidence-based best practices that states should implement such as Assessing and classifying new prison inmates, Releasing offenders from prison and others.

UW Women’s Center Re-Entry Program

This organization provides individualized advising sessions, gathering essential information to assist reentry students in making informed decisions regarding academic and career choices.

It also develops a plan of action that is attainable, and educates students in obtaining financial aid and scholarship opportunities, while providing ongoing support through mentoring, coaching and student organized support groups.

Veteran’s Incarcerated Reintegration Project

This is a joint project with King, Pierce, Thurston and Clark Counties to address the needs of veterans’ incarcerated in County Correctional Facilities, offering alternatives to jail and referral to housing, employment services, and treatment.

Many of the veterans have come to the jail due to un-treated drug and alcohol issues, poverty, homelessness, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Washington Bonding Program

Washington Bonding Program provides, at no cost to the employer or applicant, individual fidelity bonds to employers for applicants who are, or may be, denied coverage by commercial carriers because of their at-risk status.

The fidelity bonds issued by the WBP function as an employer job-hire incentive.

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