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Texas Reentry Programs

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Texas Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Texas.

Bridges to Life – a list of information for Offenders and their Families. Re-Entry and Other Resources for Offenders:

Unlocking DOORS – The purpose and mission of DOORS is to reduce recidivism in our communities by serving as an advocate for individuals who are reentering society after being incarcerated.

One Man’s Treasure Clothes Closet – One Man’s Treasure seeks to empower men recently released from prison who come to the Dallas area by providing them with clothing and opportunities for networking.

Paradise Independent Living – Our housing program helps recently released inmates from jail/prison and homeless veterans diagnosed with mild to moderate mental illness(s). This program provides an independent living environment to ones who qualify from six month to two years with intense rehabilitation, job programs, career training and spiritual insights.Our goal is to help reduce recidivism among mentally challenge individuals within the justice system.

Reentry and Integration Division combines the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI), and an expanded reentry initiative, to better focus state resources to reduce recidivism and address the needs of juvenile and adult offenders. As a new Division, we are in the process of building our web site to provide a comprehensive source of information for offenders, their families, and the public. Please refer to this site often for more updates.

Standing in Faith Ministries, Inc – Assist individuals who are transitioning from a homeless state back to society. Services includes: clothing, job referrals, resume assistance,  life skills, community services for probation or parolees, assistance with IDs,  food assistance, housing referrals, and etc.

Tarrant County Reentry Coalition has been bringing together stakeholders and citizens to address the challenges of prisoner reentry.  Our community-wide collaboration includes over 35 organizations and agencies, partnering for a long-range strategy aimed at breaking the devastating cycle of criminal recidivism in tangible ways.

Texas County Resources Database – This site – maintained by the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition – compiles resources, by county, to help people upon release from confinement. The services posted may include: food, housing, employment, health care, counseling, and adult education programs; however, you should contact each provider directly to confirm availability of services. The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition does not provide legal advice or any individual assistance to help with reentry.

Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative, or T.O.R.I., is committed to helping and improving the lives of people who’ve made mistakes in their pasts which make their acceptance back into society a very difficult task. With T.O.R.I. you will find people who are ready to assist ex-offenders in making better decisions in order to avoid repeating an often dangerous and destructive life-cycle.

The Houston Launch Pad – The Houston Launch Pad Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program(HVRP) outreaches to homeless veterans who are recent releases/parolees, or not.

The Way Back – The Way Back provides previously incarcerated individuals in the Dallas area with wrap-around services including: needs assessment, clothing, transition housing referrals, workforce readiness, employment assistance, social service referrals, bus passes, etc.

Eligibility Requirements

•Homeless-No lease or mortgage in their name or have an eviction notice within the last 30 days to vacate the premises.

•Recently released veterans from military or incarceration(must have one day active duty, boot camp training does not count)

•Social Security Card

•Valid and current driver’s license or ID. Veteran must obtain a Texas Driver’s License within six (6) months of being employed

•Homeless letter or Letter of Service-(Can be provided from a friend or family member if staying with that individual, DVOP at Workforce Solutions, Veterans Administration, US Vets Drop-in Center or Transitional or Emergency Shelter where the veteran is living.


•One (1) day of Active Service(training does not count, must have served 24 hours at assigned location after boot camp)

•Must be “ACTIVELY” seeking employment

VOA Texas Community Re-Entry – Our community re-entry programs begin by working with individuals while they are still in prison, helping them prepare to re-enter the community by building life skills and overcoming problems with addiction. We help them find employment and build a network of resources and support so they have the best chance possible for being successful and making contributions to their families and communities.

Work Faith ConnectionThe WorkFaith Connection’s eight-day job readiness bootcamp is designed to equip students with the skills they need to conduct a successful job search and become productive employees.  By the end of the workshop, students are able to; effectively fill out job applications, answer tough interview questions with honesty and integrity, highlight their strengths and abilities, and identify the hidden job market

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