Mississippi Reentry Programs

Mississippi Department of Corrections Department of corrections reentry program for the state of Mississippi.

Foundation for the Mid-South Reentry Guide – On behalf of the Mississippi Reentry Council, The Foundation for the Mid South is pleased to produce the Mississippi Reentry Guide. It is the hope of the Reentry Council that this directory will serve as a resource for those reentering communities throughout the state of Mississippi. The Reentry Council understands the many obstacles that returning ex-offenders face as they rejoin their families and neighborhoods. While these obstacles make it difficult, there are many services and resources throughout the state of Mississippi that work to make this transition successful for ex-offenders, their families, and the communities to which they are returning.

MDOC Re-Entry ProgramThe Mississippi Department of Corrections provides a re-entry program to inmates in the year before their release, giving them remedial education courses and social and job skills. The program graduates 30 inmates per month on average. They have found a recently released inmate’s chances of re-offending greatly increase if they have not found some form of employment within 45 days.

Paroled2pride – We assist job training and job placement we pay restitution and probation fees while training.

The Redimere Agency Redimere’s is a training program for non-violent offenders and directly employs returning citizens through two transitional job programs: “WE Work” program which focuses on a variety of trade trainings, and Safety/OSHA Certifications; and “The Workplace”, a contract staffing firm that fills short-term, entry level positions in industries as wide-ranging as construction, hospitality, maintenance.

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