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Kentucky Reentry Programs

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Kentucky Department of Corrections: Department of corrections reentry branch for the state of Kentucky.

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky Reentry Program: The Reentry by Design program offers employment services to individuals transitioning from the justice system. The program has served hundreds of individuals by providing classes and job leads to help participants maintain motivation during the job search. The curriculum addresses issues and skills that could affect employability as an individual leaves the justice system and reenters the workforce, such as anger management, critical thinking, résumé development, online job searching and job boards, interview preparation and mock interviews.

Kentuckiana Works – The federal Workforce Investment Act requires states to establish regional Workforce Investment Boards to administer federal, state and local workforce development funding for their regions. KentuckianaWorks, an agency of Louisville Metro Government, is the Workforce Investment Board for the Greater Louisville region consisting of Jefferson, Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby and Trimble counties. Funding is primarily provided by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, through the Kentucky Education Workforce Development Cabinet and Louisville Metro Government.

Kentucky Career Center – A database of physical locations in the state of Kentucky that can assist those who are unemployed.

Kentucky Reentry Council – Kentucky Reentry is made up of reentry task forces or councils throughout the state of Kentucky. The reentry groups do not provide services for ex-offenders, nor do they have reentry programs. They are made up of individuals and organizations networking together to share information and improve the reentry process. The members may be organizations and/or individuals that provide services and/or have interests in helping. Each group is focused toward ex-offenders coming back to their areas, the issues involved, and making their community safer.

Laurel County Corrections – One of the cruelest facts in criminal justice is that more than 40 percent of ex-inmates end up being sent back to jail within three years of their release. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right guidance before and after they complete their sentences, former inmates can build successful lives on the outside. The Mission of the Laurel County Correctional Center Inmate Reentry Program is to focus on the transition from detention to community by initiating treatment (i.e. substance abuse, life skills, education, cognitive-behavioral change) within the correctional center that will assist inmates to adjusting to life in their communities as a productive, law abiding citizens.

Lexington Rescue Mission – We are a faith based reentry program that goes to prisons and jails throughout Central Kentucky. We help prepare men and women on their journey back in to society. We also offer resources such as transitional housing, employment, and mentoring for this important population.

Louisville Reentry Coalition – The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition is a community organization established in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in offender reentry and related issues. The coalition works very hard to maintain open and informative communication related to reentry issues within the Greater Louisville, Kentucky area and includes the counties of Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby, Henry, and Trimble. The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition consists of members from all parts of the reentry process. Our members include local, state, and federal government representatives, as well as employment, housing and counseling service providers from both profit and non-profit organizations. The task force meets regularly to discuss issues, current trends, and/or problems pertaining to the reentry process.

National HIRE Network – Established by the Legal Action Center in 2001, the National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment (H.I.R.E.) Network is both a national clearinghouse for information and an advocate for policy change. It is one of several special projects at the Legal Action Center. The goal of the National H.I.R.E. Network is to increase the number and quality of job opportunities available to people with criminal records by changing public policies, employment practices and public opinion.

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