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Las Vegas, Nevada

Jobs for Felons

Are you looking for jobs that hire felons in Las Vegas?

It’s undeniably one of the most challenging things you have to do if you have a criminal record.

The Challenges of Getting a Good-Paying Job

Many employers are cautious about hiring past offenders for various reasons.

Some companies are protective about their reputations, fearing a negative reaction from clients and customers if they hire ex-felons.

Others are doubtful whether current employees will be comfortable and productive around someone who has a past conviction.

That said, a study conducted by Northwestern University has shown that these fears are mostly unfounded. They found that people with criminal backgrounds are no more likely to engage in workplace misconduct than those without any record.

What is more, former offenders are less likely to quit their jobs.

In terms of business continuity or security, hiring ex-offenders makes sense. Being gainfully employed means more to them as it offers a direct route to a new life.

Still, jobs that hire felons in Las Vegas are not that many. It is a hard fact that former offenders face every day. However, if you are among millions of Americans who have past convictions, there is no need to despair.

The Good News

The number of small businesses and even big corporations willing to open their doors to people with criminal records is growing. These companies have adopted hiring policies that can give you a fair chance.

Another good news is that we have made it easier for you to connect with these employers and find jobs that hire felons in Las Vegas. We have a job board where top companies can directly post work opportunities.

These are businesses that come from a wide range of industries, which means that you can go where your skills will be utilized and valued.

There are currently four employers on our list, but it is growing fast. You need to visit this page regularly so you do not miss out on the best job opportunities available to you.

Aside from this job board, we also have a treasure trove of information for people trying to re-enter their communities. We can help you get legal assistance, access transitional or long-term housing, and more.

List of Current Jobs That Hire Felons in Las Vegas

As felons may already be aware, obtaining a job may be harder with a criminal record versus an individual with a clean record. As of 2023, the population of Las Vegas, Nevada, was around 660,000 people. There are a wide variety of jobs available in a city of this size.

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Las Vegas and their hiring policies.

Make sure you read this entire page for your best chance at being successful in your job search. It’s estimated that the average employee in Las Vegas makes around $61,922 per year and the average employee in Las Vegas stays with their company for around 4.6 years. The majority of employers are in the hospitality/casino industry in Las Vegas, so finding a job as a felon might not be too difficult.

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This website was created by a few folks who have personally watched their loved ones struggle to get a job due to having a felony.

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