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Charleston, South Carolina

Jobs for Felons

Ex-convicts often experience discrimination and stigma when seeking out employment or housing. This discourages them from reintegrating themselves as participating members of society. However, finding a job can be very beneficial for a former felon. 

For starters, it will help you stay off the streets and away from unlawful activities that previously got you in trouble. It will also help you rebuild your financial profile for future transactions such as getting a car.

Although jobs for felons in Charleston South Carolina are limited, there are still some great opportunities to consider.

Jobs for Felons in Charleston, South Carolina To Consider

Truck Driving

If you don’t mind the long hours or travel, then applying for a truck driver position can benefit you. As the name suggests, you will need to know how to drive before opting for a Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL). A CDL is a requirement for driving trucks.

There are many packaging and freight companies in Charleston looking to hire drivers for local and regional positions. While regional positions require a lot of travel, local ones may require some customer service skills. Nonetheless, a CDL will help open up doors to other truck driving jobs in the area.

Retail and Merchandising

There are many jobs for felons in Charleston South Carolina in the retail and merchandising industry. For instance, some remodeling companies hire felons to help position merchandise and install fixtures at a retail store. 

Although these jobs are often after hours, felons can opt for other options, such as warehousing and packaging departments. These types of jobs are especially well suited for people comfortable with working in high-paced environments.

Nonetheless, most retail and merchandising positions are part of larger corporate conglomerates. That means working in these positions also helps you build rapport and connections to go up the hierarchical ladder.

Customer Service

Another great way to start your journey in the corporate world is by opting for a customer services representative role. Luckily, there are many such roles available in Charleston. From part-time roles to remote opportunities, ex-felons can now build their resumes with various roles available in this sector.

However, as a customer representative, you will need to have good communication skills. Some remote opportunities also require candidates to have some basic level of digital skills. To build your digital skills, we recommend opting for short courses that can help you learn about basic data management and teleconferencing tools.

Available Jobs for Felons in the Area

Below we have a number of job listings, followed by the top employers in Charleston and their hiring policies.

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