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Finding housing for felons in New Hampshire is no easy task and we want to assure you that we understand your struggle.  Every month we have dozens of people ask our organization for this information and as much as we wish we had a list of felon friendly apartments in New Hampshire, this information is too difficult to gather as we don’t have enough staff on hand to handle the task.With that being said, we’ve done the next best thing. Below is a list of organizations and resources in New Hampshire that will help you in your pursuit of felon friendly housing.


Felon Friendly Apartments in New Hampshire

Transitioning into society can be challenging when you are first released from prison. However, reentry programs in New Hampshire are listed by our site that enable felons to re-integrate easily into mainstream society. The list of programs, composed by the Jobs for Felons Hub, makes it possible for felons to get the training and job search information they need to re-enter the workforce in New Hampshire as well as find a home. Some programs also provide substance abuse help and counseling.

When you follow the reentry listing created by our site, you will be able to narrow down your choices for transitional housing and get into the field of work with more ease. Refer to the reentry programs and visit our site often to stay up-to-date on New Hampshire housing and job leads and support.

Determining Your Reentry Needs

Reentry programs offer felons the guidance and help needed to proceed with social reintegration after a prison release. To encourage reentry and to start on the right track, make a checklist of what you are wishing to receive. For example, a listing may include the following:

· Need to obtain transitional housing

· Need to obtain a permanent place to live or sign up on a waiting list for a HUD-discounted apartment

· Need to receive job training for a specific chosen field

· Need to obtain food stamps

· Need to pick out clothes for interviewing and work

· Need to retain medical coverage

· Need to undergo substance abuse counseling

Seeking a Temporary Place to Live in New Hampshire

Besides looking at the reentry programs listed for New Hampshire, you may also receive temporary housing by referencing the platform, TransitionalHousing.org to obtain further details about what shelters are available. The site lists about 5,500+ temporary residences. Many of the homes are established to help felons who are experiencing drug or alcohol abuse difficulties. This type of housing can be retained for two weeks up to two years.

Other Housing Resources in New Hampshire

Outside of referring to the listed reentry information on the Jobs for Felons Hub, you can also seek rental details through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD. Housing authorities and HUD work together to assist felons locate a home that can be obtained on a limited income. HUD rentals are a form of subsidized housing and therefore make it possible for people whose income is limited to obtain affordable housing by way of a discount voucher. The voucher reduces the rental rate established in the marketplace.

In turn, felons are able to obtain housing based on their income or means of support in connection and an area’s AMI or annual median income. Felons released from prison then need to contact their local housing authority or HUD immediately in case they have to be placed on a waiting list.

However, that being said, you cannot work with HUD if your felony involved the selling of methamphetamine or you were charged with a sex crime. Therefore, take some time to review the programs that have been included on our site that assist a felon make an easier transition into the mainstream. Many reentry programs can help you find the kind of housing leads you require with respect to your felony.

Stay Away from Big Apartment Complexes

Do not spend time searching for an apartment in a large apartment complex. Doing so will only cause you undue frustration. It is better to reference the reentry programs on our site to secure temporary housing that leads to permanent housing in the future. Unless your crime was committed a long time ago (10+ years) and was non-violent in nature, most large apartment complexes will reject your rental application.

Check Your Criminal Background

Before you begin a search for a rental apartment, you need to conduct a criminal background check on yourself. The activity will only take several minutes and the charge is very low. Use the info you obtain to negotiate a rental agreement or explain your situation to property managers. The information can also be used when you are applying for transitional housing. Get your background check now by following this link.

Why Felons Are Routinely Rejected for Housing

After you have served time in prison, you will find that you are regarded with a bit of nervousness, if not downright disregard, by co-workers or neighbors. Not only that, the legal system in New Hampshire and the US does not penalize landlords for refusing to rent to felons.

A refusal to rent must, instead, be extended to a protected class for the discrimination to become illegal. Protected classes are those applicants who are denied housing based on their religion, national origin, sex, ethnicity, race, family status, disability. In some cases, the class may include age or gender.

What property managers can do is refuse rentals to felon, whose past felony may be considered a liability to the community. Other reasons an application may be turned down include an applicant’s credit score, their history of evictions or non-payment of rent. When discrimination results from one’s bias versus facts or information, then it becomes illegal or against the law.

Illegal Discriminatory Practices

As a result, discrimination becomes a legal issue when a landlord or property owner refuses to rent an apartment to an applicant, based on their ethnicity, sex, race, disability, family status or national origin. However, that being said, you can still rent an apartment in New Hampshire if your felony was for the abuse of drugs, which resulted from a physical or mental disability. Since a disability is considered a federally protected class, you cannot be turned down in this instance.

Nevertheless, most felons will be turned down as a rule. Plus, you are almost guaranteed to be turned down if you apply to a big apartment complex. Unless your felony charge is well over a decade old and was non-violent, applying for a rental can be a difficult undertaking. To minimize this from happening, concentrate on looking on Craigslist or contact your local housing authority or HUD in New Hampshire. You can reference illegal discrimination by reviewing NOLO online.

Housing and the Law in New Hampshire and the US

To determine whether or not discrimination is illegal or legal depends on how the property manager responds to a rental application. He or she is guilty of illegal discrimination if they base their reason for denial on an applicant’s ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, sex, family status or disability. Unless yout charge as a felon covers a protected class, you can be denied a rental in a larger apartment complex.

Arbitrary Discrimination in the Housing Market

According to the US Fair Housing Act, property managers can refuse to rent to a felon as long as they practice legal discrimination. Therefore, they cannot make a rental decision based on bias. Applicants are safeguarded from discrimination that is linked to an applicant’s religion, disability, race, ethnicity, sex, national origin or family status. This protection, in some states, protected classes include gender or age a well.

Basically, a property manager in New Hampshire or elsewhere does not have it in their right to discriminate against an applicant as the result of prejudice. As previously noted, they can refuse an applicant a rental based on their credit score or eviction history. Therefore, any discrimination that is based on personal preference is illegal, discriminatory and unfair. Read more about the practice by following this link.

New Hampshire Housing Authority

In New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority works in collaboration with HUD in New Hampshire to ensure that felons and other applicants obtain housing that is affordable and habitable. Again, contact your local housing authority or HUD office once you are released from prison to ensure your success in obtaining a rental. The sooner you take this all-important step, the sooner you will get a permanent place to live.

Once more, if you are a felon who served time for the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine or was convicted of a sex offense, HUD or its affiliated agencies will not work with you. Refer to the reentry programs on our site or ask for reentry and housing suggestions from the New Hampshire DOC reentry initiative.

New Hampshire Apartment Listings on Craigslist

As indicated, Craigslist is another viable resource for an apartment search. Many of the advertisers on the platform are smaller property management companies or small real estate investors. Therefore, their rental requirements are more lenient. To review the listings for New Hampshire, begin by clicking this link and selecting the “housing” section at the top portion of the page. Short-list your choices by including the rental amount.

Reentry Programs in New Hampshire

Start your apartment and housing search by reviewing the reentry programs in New Hampshire. Use the information to help you find temporary housing and a job so you can eventually find a permanent residence.

The New Hampshire Religious Community

Another way to find rental or job leads is to inquire at faith-based organizations or local churches. If you are currently a member of a church, you can also ask your minister about possible rental leads or jobs. Working as a volunteer in the community can also help you locate job or housing leads.

Referrals From Friends and Family

Friends and family can also help you locate a permanent rental. However, don’t ask relatives or friends to rent an apartment or house on your behalf. Your name must be included on the lease. Otherwise, you could get evicted or sued.

Additional Felon Housing Search Tips

Maintain a Business-like Demeanor

In order to obtain a house or apartment, you need to show you are serious. That means going to the local thrift store and buying attire that is business-like. Buy a couple jackets, slacks or skirts and blouses or shirts.

Show You Interest in Renting a Property

While talking to the owner of a rental, show your interest in the property by asking relevant questions. Keep communications professional so you can establish your credibility.

Reference Reentry Listings

Always take a look at the reentry listings for New Hampshire that have been created by our site. They can assist you tremendously in your re-integration into society.

Stay on Course

Whether you have an apartment or not, make sure you schedule a daily itinerary and stay on course. You should involve yourself, each day, in searching for a job or finding a place to live. Naturally, what you choose to do depends on what stage you are in in reentry. The main focus is on following a routine and staying positive.

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