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  • FedEx Corporation, formerly Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation, is an American multinational conglomerate holding company focused on transportation, e-commerce and services based in Memphis, Tennessee.


of surveyed employees said the company does background checks.


of surveyed employees said the company does drug tests.

If you have a criminal background of any kind, you know firsthand that employment is difficult to come by.

Felonies stay on your record for years and can make it challenging to get a job, even if you’ve completely moved on personally.

However, some companies can overlook a felony on your record.

Is FedEx one of those companies?

Does Fedex hire felons?

Does FedEx Hire Felons?

FedEx, short for Federal Express, does hire felons, but only for certain positions.

The likelihood of a felon getting a courier or truck driver position with FedEx is low, but the company is nearly always looking for workers in its warehouses.

If you can lift boxes and move supplies, you have a pretty good chance of working for FedEx.

Does FedEx Ground Supply Hire Felons?

FedEx Ground Supply does hire felons.

As a part of the FedEx company, FedEx Ground is where the warehouse workers and drivers operate.

FedEx Ground Supply is more likely to hire felons because it is the physical labor that is separated from the public.

Does FedEx Supply Chain Hire Felons?

FedEx Supply Chain is a FedEx-owned business that supports the warehouses and truck drivers of FedEx.

Like all FedEx companies, FedEx Supply Chain hires felons.

However, because it’s a FedEx office job, it might be more difficult for certain felons to get a job with FedEx Supply Chain.

Has FedEx Always Hired Felons?

FedEx has not always hired felons.

In the past, it’s been quite difficult for felons to get a job with a courier company like FedEx.

However, they’ve loosened their restrictions in most states and now hire felons for ground positions and some delivery driver positions.

Does FedEx Hire You if You Have a Misdemeanor?

The hiring of felons follows the same way FedEx uses for applicants with misdemeanors.

With a misdemeanor on your record, you are just about as likely to get hired as a felon.

FedEx considers itself an equal opportunity employer, so your background won’t come into question until after the interview.

Does FedEx Have Special Programs for Felons?

While FedEx doesn’t ask about background issues until after the interview process, there are no special programs for felons in place.

Certain FedEx locations might have programs but the company has established nothing to help felons get back on their feet as far as we know.

Is FedEx on the Ban the Box List?

FedEx is not officially on the Ban the Box list.

This is a movement aiming to remove criminal history information from job applications.

However, their applications have never included criminal history, so they effectively do the same thing.

You would not immediately disqualify for having a felony or a misdemeanor on your record.

Does FedEx Background Check?

FedEx does a complete and thorough criminal background check after the interview process.

If you haven’t told them you have a felony conviction during the interview, they will find out with the background check.

Your interviewers must have a complete and honest picture of your history from you before they find out another way.

Does FedEx Drug Test?

Like many major companies, FedEx does an extensive drug screening as part of the interview process.

You will need to be clean of all illegal substances when you interview for a FedEx role.

If your drug test is positive, you will not receive a job with FedEx.

Does FedEx Interview Applicants?

FedEx has an interview process that winnows out the less worthy applicants.

However, they don’t do the background screening until after the interview, so a felony conviction will not show up at this point.

After filling out an application, they might select a potential employee for an interview.

It’s at this point the applicant would want to tell the interviewer about any past mistakes and how they’ve learned from them.

It’s much better to hear it from the applicant than FedEx finding out later and assuming the candidate was hiding something.

A felony should be brought up near the end of the interview once you’ve proved your worth in other ways.

Explain it candidly and briefly-don’t spend too much time on the felony itself.

Then discuss how you’ve changed and grown since your conviction.

This is the best way to convince the interviewer that they can trust you despite your record.

Types of Convictions That Make it Hard to Get Hired at FedEx

Of course, not all convictions are to the same degree.

FedEx hires felons, but the felony itself can make a difference.

It will be difficult to get hired anywhere with murder or sexual assault charges, and FedEx is no exception.

Charges for violent crimes might disqualify you from working for FedEx or make it very difficult to be hired.

Does FedEx Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

FedEx hires people on a case-by-case basis. In general, felons with violence charges are less likely to get hired.

However, burglary charges are also difficult to overcome because of the nature of the business.

You might be more likely to be hired as a warehouse worker than a courier, but it depends on your specific situation.

Does FedEx Hire Felons with Theft Charges?

FedEx is a delivery company and many of their packages include valuables.

A person with multiple theft charges might have a difficult time getting hired at FedEx.

Multiple felonies will make it harder to get hired, but theft charges are nearly impossible to accept for a company like FedEx.

What Matters Most When Applying at FedEx?

When applying to FedEx, what matters most is your ability to do the job.

Some things will automatically disqualify you whether you’re a felon or not, like poor health or the inability to lift boxes.

Be honest on your application in all matters, not just your criminal history.

Some states limit background checks to seven years, while others can search up to fifty years of personal history.

Honesty on your application is your best shot at getting a job with FedEx as a convicted felon, no matter how long it’s been.

The company will find out if you lie, and it will be an easy “no” for them.

Jobs at FedEx that Felons Should Apply For

It is difficult for felons to get a job anywhere, and FedEx is no exception.

When applying for a job at FedEx, make sure that you apply for a ground-level position.

These positions are highly supervised, less competitive, and have the potential to grow once your manager sees that you are trustworthy.

  • Warehouse/Material Handler
  • Package Handler
  • Truck Driver (with relevant experience and a CDL)

Either of these two jobs remains in the warehouse under direct supervision.

They are labor-intensive but pay better than many other felon-friendly jobs.

Do not apply for a manager-level position-you will have to start on the warehouse floor.

FedEx occasionally hires felons as couriers for FedEx Express, but you have to have previous experience driving a delivery truck.

Also, the longer it’s been since your conviction, the better.

It makes the company more likely to hire you.

Average Salary for Felons at FedEx

FedEx is a coveted job because it pays well and has excellent benefits.

Workers rate the company well because they cover all the insurance and retirement needs of their full-time staff besides a good salary.

The average salary for felons is the same for regular workers-it depends on the position.

A warehouse worker makes anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour, while FedEx couriers make $20 to $25 per hour.

These salaries vary based on FedEx location and worker experience.

Tips for Getting Hired at FedEx With a Felony Record

If you have a felony, you have to work harder to get hired anywhere.

Unfortunately, FedEx is no exception.

However, here are some tips to help you get hired despite your history.

  • Be honest (but brief) about your felony during the interview process.
  • Discuss how you’ve changed and what you’ve done since the felony.
  • Provide a strong resume, including the skills and job experience you gained while incarcerated.
  • Be prepared to prove your physical and mental capabilities for the job.
  • If you have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), make sure it’s up to date and tell your interviewer about it.
  • Apply for jobs that are unrelated to your conviction.
  • Find character and employment references to back you up.

When is the Best Time to Apply at FedEx?

FedEx is always hiring warehouse workers and couriers.

The company is constantly expanding with the rapid growth of internet shopping and selling.

While there is no specific time best to apply for FedEx, they always need extra help during the holiday months.

Applying for a temporary holiday packing or unloading job is a great way to get your foot in the door for full-time employment later on.

During November and December, most courier companies are desperate for extra workers.

By working hard and long hours for a few months, you can make a good impression on the company.

Wrapping Up

FedEx hires felons as long as they are qualified for the job and don’t prove a liability to the company.

Like all companies, FedEx’s goal is to make money.

If you can prove that you will help them with that, the delivery company will gladly hire you, and you can move and deliver boxes for many years with FedEx.

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