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  • McDonald's Corporation is an American multinational fast food corporation, founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States.


of surveyed employees said the company does background checks.


of surveyed employees said the company does drug tests.

Job seekers wonder does McDonalds hire felons?

The answer depends on location, availability of a position that fits your skills and experience, and the successful completion of an interview.

If you have any felony convictions in your past, this does not necessarily disqualify you from applying to work at Mcdonald’s.

McDonald’s hires a large number of people daily.

This company attracts young people getting started in the job market, people seeking full-time employment, and retirees seeking a part-time position.

So, a convicted felon may have competition for such jobs.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons?

Yes, McDonald’s hires felons.

Well, some do.

Applicants must remember that McDonald’s is a franchise (a series of restaurants owned by individuals).

Such franchise owners can hire who they like based on their hiring policy.

The type of felony conviction you had can affect your ability to get a job there.

However, corporate restaurants may not hire felons.

Has McDonald’s Always Hired Felons?

Online testimonies on sites like Indeed and others agree that McDonald’s hires those who may have a criminal history.

But it isn’t clear if this has been the trend since the franchise started.

Does McDonald’s Hire You If You Have a Misdemeanor?

Yes, it seems that McDonald’s does hire people convicted of misdemeanors.

A misdemeanor does not necessarily disqualify them from working for the company.

Misdemeanors and felonies may affect the type of position you can get at the franchise.

Does McDonald’s Have Special Programs for Felons?

There are no special programs for felons at McDonald’s.

It is an equal opportunity employer open to people from all walks of life, including felons.

If you do a good job, you can get promoted there as a felon.

Is McDonald’s on the ban the Box List?

Yes, the company participates in Ban the Box.

This campaign asks companies to stop adding boxes on applications asking about a criminal record.

It does not mean that the company won’t do a background check, but it does speed up the process when hiring new employees.

The box ban can make it easier to present yourself before the topic of past convictions comes to the surface of the interview.

Does McDonald’s Background Check?

Yes, some McDonald’s franchises will run a background check when you apply for the job.

Some owners may elect not to take the time to do so.

If the owner runs a background check during your application, it will access your information from the national and/or state database.

You will have to wait up to three days to receive the results.

This background check will expose any felonies or misdemeanors on your record.

This background check does not include a credit check.

So, make sure you are honest during the interview and application about any felonies or past convictions.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

A drug test is not a standard part of the application process.

If you exhibit suspicious behavior while working, the manager or owner can subject you to a drug test.

Such a drug test may be random or scheduled.

When someone is up for a promotion at McDonald’s, a drug test can be part of the process.

The company will screen for drugs such as PCP, Cocaine, Meth, etc.

While not a part of pre-employment, drug testing can happen at any time, based on your behavior at work.

Does McDonald’s Interview Applicants?

Yes, you must interview at McDonald’s to get the job.

According to several online reviews, the interview process is quite straightforward.

The interview appears to last 10 – 15 minutes.

Applicants should be able to talk to the hiring manager about experience, qualifications, the position they would like, etc.

During this time, you should honestly disclose any past felonies, if the interviewer asks about them.

Dress business casual and present yourself well, so the manager sees you are reliable and serious about the job.

If you are a felon, talk about how you have changed or adjusted your life since then.

This is the time to impress the owner or manager.

Types of Convictions That Make it Hard to Get Hired at McDonald’s

It may be hard getting a job at McDonald’s if you have very serious offenses such as assault, armed robbery, drug convictions, theft offenses.

The company does not have an official policy on what types of felons they want to avoid.

Of course, this is at the discretion of the owner who may be willing to give a second chance to a felon regardless of the crime.

Be mindful of how a past conviction can overlap with the job position you are applying for.

For example, someone with recent DUIs most likely won’t get a job as a driver.

If your felony background involves theft, it will be hard getting cashier work.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

There is no info to indicate that the company won’t hire someone with a burglary charge.

Since it involves stealing things, this person probably won’t handle money.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons with Theft Charges?

Like burglary, someone convicted of theft most likely won’t get a job handling money.

However, there are several types of jobs available at Mcdonald’s that don’t require money handling like kitchen work, warehouse, etc.

If the conviction charge was over 7 years ago, it will fall off your record in certain states.

What Matters Most When Applying at McDonald’s?

It is a job that hires all types of people who can work hard and show up on time.

Being reliable and professional while dealing with the public, food, standing on your feet all day, etc. are vital skills in this type of work.

Show the interviewer that you have the time to show up for scheduled shifts and can handle the type of job you are applying for.

Jobs at McDonald’s That Felons Should Apply For

Felons should apply for any position within the company as long as your conviction does not prevent you from working in that job.

If a felony is too serious, they can exclude it from employment consideration for jobs that deal with minors or other vulnerable populations.

When applying at McDonald’s, felons should apply for an entry-level position such as cashier or crew member.

See if there are openings at the warehouse.

Apply as a driver as long as you don’t have vehicle-related convictions.

Focus on applying for positions within your skills and abilities.

Average Salary for Felons at McDonald’s

There is no specific information regarding the average salary for felons at McDonald’s.

You can expect to make an hourly rate from $7 up to around $11 per hour.

Tips for Getting Hired at McDonald’s With a Felony Record

1. Disclose your felony

Always disclose that you are a felon on your application or in an interview.

If they ask, be 100% honest about everything on your application and do not leave any boxes blank.

2. Exlain yourself

If the manager asks about your convictions, make sure to explain the circumstances of the crime, and how many years ago it was.

If possible, show proof that you have stayed out of trouble since then with a police certificate or letter from the probation office.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding why you think this crime does not show you in a negative light.

3. Be presentable

Show up presentable and on time for your interview and be pleasant to everyone you meet at the company.

4. Explain yourself

Be prepared to explain why you think that McDonald’s is a good fit for you.

Tell the manager what you can bring to the table if they decide to hire you.

It may be helpful to have a list of your strong points for quick reference.

Have a polished resume that includes your skills, abilities, work experience, and education.

If possible, get a reference from someone who can vouch for your work ethic and skills.

5. Other Tips

Talk about any volunteer work or community service you have done.

Discuss what skills or abilities you developed while doing this.

Try to apply to franchises as opposed to corporate-owned ones.

What is the Best Time to Apply at McDonald’s?

Try to apply in the morning after the breakfast rush and before lunch.

By coming during this time, there is a better chance you can speak to a manager then.

Speaking to a manager can make the application process faster if you make a good impression.

However, the position you are applying for is available in the evening or on weekends, try to apply then.

It may mean calling in advance to find out what is the best time to come in.

There is Hope For Felons at McDonald’s

In conclusion, there is hope for felons at McDonald’s if they are honest about their conviction and demonstrate that they have stayed out of trouble since then.

Take the time to research the franchise you are applying to because some locations may be more lenient than others.

There are several types of jobs available at McDonald’s and other companies willing to give you a second chance.

Continue to learn more about Companies That Support Those Who Want To Start Over.

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