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of surveyed employees said the company does alcohol tests.

DoorDash is a food delivery company used by many people in the United States.

It started in San Francisco in 2013 and has grown to be worth over $700 million.

People who use the service like it because they can get their favorite food delivered right to them at a reasonable price.

However, many people are wondering- does DoorDash hires felons?

A typical job at DoorDash involves delivering items from a restaurant to people who order them.

So we will find out if someone with a criminal history can get a job as a delivery driver or other positions in the company.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

The short answer is yes.

However, the company hires felons based on their situation.

DoorDash will hire a convicted felon on a case-by-case basis after reviewing the type of felony the applicant committed.

Previously convicted felons will have to wait seven years for certain convictions to fall off their record before working for this company.

Heavy driving is a requirement, so recent traffic and driving-related offenses will make employment difficult.

The amount of time that has passed since conviction also plays a role in becoming a part of the company.

Their background checks only go back seven years.

Has DoorDash Always Hired Felons?

Yes, the company has previously hired felons.

As long as those felonies met the criteria, they could get a DoorDash job in the past.

Does DoorDash Hire You If You Have a Misdemeanor?

Like felons, people with a misdemeanor may get a job with the company as well.

Misdemeanors are usually less serious offenses than felonies.

Like a felony, the type of misdemeanor can affect your chances of employment.

If you have any misdemeanors relating to your vehicle, it greatly reduces your chances of becoming a Dasher (DoorDash driver)

Does DoorDash Have Special Programs for Felons?

DoorDash does not have special programs for felons.

However, the company’s hiring policy leaves room to have a second chance.

Their hiring statement makes it clear they hire all types of people from various backgrounds.

A felon without serious or traffic-related convictions may be in the pool of applicants.

Is DoorDash on the Ban the Box List?

No, DoorDash is not on the Ban the Box List.

The Ban the Box list includes a list of companies that no longer have a box on applications asking about prior convictions.

With that said, their current applications don’t ask about one’s criminal past.

Does DoorDash Background Check?

Yes, they conduct background checks.

A typical background check won’t go further than seven years.

So convictions before that time won’t be considered on an application.

Once you start working for them, the company will do continuous background checks during the entire time of your employment.

So it is not enough just to pass the pre-hire check.

Your driving record and criminal record should stay healthy to continue driving for the company.

Does DoorDash Drug Test?

No, DoorDash does not do drug testing on its food delivery drivers.

However, a drug-related felony conviction may prevent a job offer after the background check.

Does DoorDash Interview Applicants?

DoorDash only has formal interviews for candidates in the IT or technical support areas of the company.

So if you are applying to work in any digital jobs developing the app, you will have several interviews before joining the team.

However, DoorDash drivers don’t have formal interviews.

Once you apply on the app and pass the background check, you are ready to do deliveries.

Types of Convictions That Make it Hard to Get Hired at DoorDash

Any convictions involving a vehicle can disqualify you from working with DoorDash.

The company checks the United States National Sex Offender Registry, so don’t bother applying if you are a convicted sex offender or have committed a sexual offense.

If you committed any violent crimes, DUIs, robberies, or property damage, you may not get a job on DoorDash.

The company pays extra attention to applicants’ driving records.

Moving violations, driving under the influence of drugs, driving while intoxicated, within seven years will result in denial of a job offer.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

If the burglary occurred within the past seven years, it may prevent you from getting hired.

Burglary is related to violating someone else’s property, so it may be a concern.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons with Burglary Theft Charges?

If the theft charges occurred recently, it may be an issue.

Theft charges from seven or more years ago should not affect your application.

What Matters Most When Applying at DoorDash?

As a potential food delivery driver, one must focus on your criminal history and having a reliable car.

Your criminal and driving record is the most important part of the application.

Any recent convictions can deny employment.

Since you don’t get to make a personal impression during a formal interview, decision-makers only have your background check to rely on.

To play it safe, you may do a background check or a record check on yourself to make sure it is accurate.

After you get the job, make sure you can continue to keep a reliable vehicle, a clear criminal record, and an 80% completion rate on deliveries.

Jobs at DoorDash That Felons Should Apply For

Felons can apply to be delivery drivers, or Dashers, for DoorDash.

They don’t require you to have any specific license or background to work as a driver.

It is an easy way to make extra cash on your own time.

With delivery jobs at Doordash, you don’t have to go into an office or deal with office politics.

Just have to be mindful of the types of felonies you have and how long ago they occurred.

Average Salary for Felons at DoorDash

The salary for a DoorDash driver does not change due to a felony.

All drivers start with a base pay between $2 and $10 per delivery.

With tips, it can average out to about $21 per hour.

Most money comes from customer tips.

This is a contractor position, not a full-time salary job.

Therefore a certain pay is not guaranteed.

The amount of money you make depends on how many hours you work.

Some people use it as a side hustle while some do full-time hours.

Some drivers report making as much as $700 a week.

When it comes to salary there are ways you can maximize your earnings:

  • Avoid working in congested areas so you won’t get stuck in traffic.
  • Wait for big orders, you can be selective
  • Try to be available to drive during high-demand times such as lunch and dinner.
  • You rely on customers for tips so make sure you are personable and make timely deliveries.
  • Be as clean and presentable as possible when making deliveries.
  • Make sure you have the correct order before picking it up. If you have several orders in your car, double-check again before dropping them off.
  • Drive in a lucrative area
  • Keep an 80% completion rate. If you don’t complete at least 80% of your deliveries, DoorDash can deactivate your account.

Tips for Getting Hired at Doordash With a Felony

  • Pull your background report first to double-check it. There may be some inaccuracies you
  • Be prepared to explain your background after a rejection. If the company rejects your application, you can appeal it.
  • If you have turned your life around since prior convictions, see if you can get a reference.
  • Try your luck to see if someone already working at the company can give you a referral. It never hurts to use your connections when possible.
  • If seven years or more have passed since your felony, you have a better chance of getting the job. So pay attention to how long it has been and start applying.

What is the Best Time to Apply at DoorDash?

You can apply to be a driver for this food delivery service anytime.

If you are a felon, you will have better luck if the company needs more drivers.

When they need more drivers, they may be more likely to hire those with convictions.

However, if only a few openings are available, the company can be pickier.

DoorDash Can Give Felons a Chance

In conclusion, felons can apply and become drivers for DoorDash, but there are many restrictions that they have to be aware of.

They also need to know how long it will take before their criminal record expires, as employers won’t hire them if they don’t think you’ll stay employed.

Of course, all drivers will want to avoid any future convictions.

As long as the felons follow these guidelines and remain employed with DoorDash, they should be able to enjoy the benefits of working with a company that helps others.

DoorDash provides an opportunity for you to work on your own hours from the convenience of your vehicle, scooter, or bike.

Check out our other articles about companies that are open to giving felons a second chance.

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