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of surveyed employees said the company does background checks.

About Airbnb
Airbnb is an online network of lodging options for persons wanting a short-term rental.The rental choices are owned and maintained by individual owners rather than by Airbnb itself. Airbnb connects hosts with guests seeking short-term lodging. The company’s name comes from air mattress B&B, started in 2008 and has over 5.6 millions listing worldwide in over 100 cities. Airbnb hosts list different kinds of properties, including:

Single rooms
Suite of rooms
Hosts do not have to pay to list their property.

A listing can include a written description with photos and a user profile for each guest to complete.

A host will have to register a listing on the Airbnb website by creating a profile, adding a profile picture, and completing a series of verification and scanning processes. Guests will have to create a profile on Airbnb and provide personal information and identity verification. A potential guest will have to go on the Airbnb website and search through areas, spaces, and number of guests by using various filters.

Can a Felon Host on Airbnb?
As a felon, it will be difficult to become an Airbnb host but it is not impossible. A felon must first go through a background check process at Airbnb. During this background check process Airbnb looks at certain databases of public state and county criminal records as well as state and national sex offender registries. However, that should not discourage you from applying. Airbnb states – “Because our background checks are limited, we can’t guarantee that they’ll identify all past criminal convictions or sex offender registrations by a guest or Host. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them as a guarantee that the user has no criminal background or other red flags.” If you want to apply and become a host click here!

Can a Felon Rent on Airbnb?
Airbnb conducts background checks on guests, this is typically done 10 days before the reservation. Airbnb states that if a criminal record shows an offense that isn’t against our policies, the guest is allowed to book; otherwise they will be denied. Crimes that have been committed within a specific timeframe may lead to further examination, disqualification, or ineligibility. Examples of such crimes include felony burglary and felony larceny (14 years) or fraud or property damage (7 years). On the other hand, certain offenses such as murder, terrorism, rape, or child molestation may result in permanent disqualification to rent an Airbnb. Having said that, it’s not impossible for a felon to rent an Airbnb. If your account has been denied, they have reinstated accounts before and look at applications on a case-by-case, evidence-based approach.

Does Airbnb Hire Felons?
Airbnb is committed to inclusion and belonging. They state that all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. There’s no way to keep a felony charge off your criminal background check, so don’t try to hide it. If they give you a chance, do the best you can to show them that you’re a dependable employee.

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