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Does Macy’s Background Check?

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Employment is possible in many areas for felons, including at Macy’s, a major department store.

The issue is whether or not Macy’s runs background checks.

Let’s examine this question.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the following:

  • Does Macy’s Actually Hire Felons?
  • Understanding the Application Process
  • What to Know About the Macy’s Background Check
  • Does the Type of Felony Matter?
  • Can You Run a Background Check on Yourself?
  • What to Do if You Fail the Macy’s Background Check


Does Macy’s Actually Hire Felons?

Yes, Macy’s does hire felons.

That’s not always the case with many companies, but it is with Macy’s.

Macy’s has a history of hiring those who have a criminal record, and this includes those who may have a felony conviction.

As one of the largest department store chains in the country, Macy’s opened in 1858 and sells a variety of home goods and merchandise.

Currently, Macy’s has its headquarters in Cincinnati and locations in 45 states, employing more than 100,000 individuals.

Macy’s hires honest and hardworking individuals who work well on a team and are able to follow directions.

They include people from all different walks of life.

The company prides itself on their dedication to people of all different backgrounds.

They want to hire individuals who will be proud to work at Macy’s and have made an effort to learn about the company and its values.

Felons can be among these.

Understanding the Application Process

Getting a job at Macy’s starts by going to the Macy’s website and completing an online application.

They request basic information regarding eligibility to work in the U.S. and work history and whether you have ever been convicted of a crime.

During the application process, Macy’s will request permission to perform a background check.

There are also questions relating to how many hours you can work and what department you want to work in.

They include a section called the Position Questionnaire.

This is a series of personality questions that typically take 35 to 40 minutes to complete.

Following that, the HR Department will contact those whom the company is considering hiring for an interview.

They will ask questions relating to why you want to work at Macy’s, your personality style, and experience in customer service.

Most of those who are hired start off as a sales or merchandise associate or in customer service, depending on previous experience.

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Macy’s.

What to Know About the Macy’s Background Check

As you might expect, Macy’s does conduct a background check on anyone who might receive a job offer, looking for any felony conviction in the past seven years.

The company typically does a drug test as part of the hiring process.

Macy’s prides itself on its willingness to hire on a case-by-case basis.

As a felon applicant, the company will look at the severity of the crime and how long ago it occurred.

They will also consider whether it was a one-time offense or is part of more extensive criminal activity.

All questions on the application and in the interview regarding criminal history must be answered truthfully.

A routine background check at Macy’s takes approximately one week.

Does the Type of Felony Matter?

Of course, the type of felony makes a difference as to whether Macy’s is willing to take a chance on you.

More severe offenses like sexual crimes and violent felonies will probably eliminate you from getting a job at Macy’s.

As you may realize, this is fairly standard at most businesses.

Companies are reluctant to hire employees that have a variety of severe offenses on their record.

Then, anyone with a felony conviction for a financial crime or one involving moral turpitude will not be likely to be hired for a position that involves cashier duties or other similar positions.

Can You Run a Background Check on Yourself?

When you are thinking about applying at Macys it would help to know exactly what they will find out when they run their check.

To get ready, you can run a background check on yourself.

In fact, we recommend doing that to know what Macy’s will discover.

It helps to be prepared.

There are a variety of background checks that you can run on yourself, including from the court in which your charges were filed along with a credit check and even your driving records.

If there is any doubt, you can contact an attorney.

Don’t take a chance on the results.

Actually, you would have the best chance at getting a job at Macy’s or many other companies by having your record expunged.

What to Do if You Fail the Macy’s Background Check

After applying at Macy’s you should realize that it may not work out.

Macy’s has a history of hiring felons, but it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get a job there.

They don’t hire all felons.

If you aren’t hired, it isn’t the end.

You can dispute the background check findings if you believe that there was a mistake made in your background check.

Learn from your experience, and be ready next time.

There are other jobs available with other employers.

Look in other areas and find a specific job that will fit you.

Do not give up.

There is an employer who will hire you.

You just haven’t found the employer who will give you an opportunity yet.

It takes perseverance to find that one, but they are out there.

Keep on looking until you find the one that will give you an opportunity.

So what do you think about this blog post about whether Macy’s runs background checks?

Have you or someone you know had Macy’s run a background check?

What was that like and what happened with it?

Please tell us in the comments below.

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