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Does JCP Drug Test Their Employees and Applicants?

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JCPenney or JCP is recognized as one of the top four retailer chains in the United States of America.

As such, it is a common target for many aspiring job hunters.

With the scale of their business operations, it is fair to assume that they are always in need of additional employees.

Whether applying at JCPenny or elsewhere, one of the usual questions applicants may ask is, “Does JCP drug test their employees?”

Since it is a reasonable inquiry, we’ll tackle in detail the company’s background, hiring policies, and other related topics.


JCPenney Hiring Process

Applicants at JCPenney must give precise information about their job history, availability, and credentials.

Potential employees must also provide practical methods to contact them as part of the company’s recruiting process.

Depending on the role, an HR representative or hiring manager contacts the candidates to arrange interviews.

Initial Screening

Like most companies, JCPenney practices various screen processes to get the best candidates.

It starts with initial screening, in which the manager reviews the resume you submitted or checks out the information you filled on the online job posting.

Phone Interview

If you passed the initial screening, you’d get a call from JCPenney confirming your willingness to apply.

The caller will most likely debrief the company’s background and the nature of the role you’re targeting.

You may have to explain further the details you provided to the company before moving on to the next phase.

Sets of Interview

After that, if you passed the phone interview, you’ll most likely need to pass one or two more before you proceed to the contract signing.

Depending on the circumstances, role, and branch, you may have to either participate in a group or one-on-one interview.

Usually, entry-level positions don’t require too many interviews. Associate applicants can get hired after one interview.

Multiple interviews may happen if you’re applying for a higher role.

Does JCP Drug Test?

According to various former employees’ accounts, it seems that JCPenney doesn’t have a mandatory drug test in all of its stores.

However, there are some instances where they implemented a urine test for their staff.

The JC Penny Drug Test Method

If you’re not aware, the most common type of substance testing is urine drug screen or UDS.

Using urine samples, the test analyzes the components to determine the presence of narcotics or prescription drugs.

The urine test can reveal if a person has a recent intake of the following substances:

  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Barbiturates
  • Methamphetamine
  • PCP
  • Methadone
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine

Urine drug testing will reveal the existence of any substances that are still present in the system.

Residues on the body can remain long after the drugs’ effects are not evident anymore.

Certain chemicals stay in the body for a more extended period than others.

In most cases, urine testing does not need any prior preparation.

If you are mandated to take a UDS, you should inform the test administrator if you are using any prescription, over-the-counter medications, or supplements.

The component in these items may generate false-positive findings, so make sure that you disclose all the information about it to avoid inconvenience.

As mentioned earlier, JCPenney’s existing staff and new hires aren’t obligated to take a drug test.

However, it wouldn’t hurt always to be prepared if the management suddenly updates their employee guidelines.

Final Thoughts

Whether you ask the question “Does JCP drug test their staff?” or not, it is more important to keep yourself free from any prohibited or controlled substance.

Never try to cheat the process as it may cost you your reputation and employment.

By being clean, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence in applying for job openings in JCPenney or any other company.

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