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Does Home Depot Drug Test

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If you’ve ever applied for a job before, you’ve probably had to take a drug test or have thought you would have.

Most major retailers or companies in the United States have a policy about drugs in the workplace.

These policies outline when drug testing happens and what can happen when someone fails the test.

Having a drug testing policy in place helps too, hopefully, prevent any mishaps amongst staff members and customers.

If you’ve been thinking about applying for a position at Home Depot, drug testing may have crossed your mind.

Knowing whether a company drug tests as part of their hiring process or throughout employment can help you better understand the process and what to expect while working there.

Not all companies have the same policies regarding drug tests. Policies can vary by how often they drug test, what type of test they use, and more.

If you’re interested in working for Home Depot, learning about their drug testing policy is essential to understanding their hiring process.


Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Yes, they do!

This significant home improvement store drug tests both potential employees and those who are already on their payroll.

Home Depot has a strict policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

They maintain a drug-free workplace, and any drugs or alcohol are prohibited on site.

When the company drug tests potential or current employees and they don’t pass, they can be subject to immediate termination.

Home Depot Drug Test Policy

Home Depot has laid out its drug test policy within its employee handbook, as with most prominent companies.

Home Depot strives to create and maintain a safe place for both employees and customers.

According to their drug-free workplace policy, employees are prohibited from using illicit substances during employment, while working a shift, or on the worksite.

Using illegal substances includes drinking on the job or coming to work already intoxicated.

When Home Depot offers you employment, you sign paperwork stating you will follow their drug-free workplace policy.

Who Does Home Depot Drug Test

In some companies, only specific roles are drug tested. So, when working at Home Depot, who gets drug tested?

Does Home Depot Drug Test Cashiers?

Even though cashiers aren’t generally handling heavy materials, Home Depot does drug test cashiers too.

Cashiers get plenty of face time with customers and are arguably the face of the company.

Ensuring that their cashiers are drug-free is essential to the customer experience.

Does Home Depot Drug Test Customer Service Representatives?

Just like cashiers, customer service representatives get drug tested for employment at Home Depot.

Customer service representatives have even more of a customer-facing role than cashiers.

Maintaining a drug-free workplace, including this role, is vital because substances can inhibit their ability to assist customers with requests.

Does Home Depot Drug Test Merchandising?

Yes. Everyone working in merchandising in Home Depot gets drug tested before their hiring.

They may not have as many customer-facing job duties as cashiers or customer service representatives, but merchandising employees often handle heavy and potentially dangerous materials.

Being under the influence can set someone up for injuries in this role.

How Often Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Some jobs drug test their employees once, every quarter, every few years, or not at all.

Here’s how often you can expect to be drug tested when working for Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Drug Test at Orientation?

No, they don’t.

Generally, most potential employees are drug tested before getting to the orientation stage.

Passing their drug test will allow them to decide if you’re a suitable employee.

If you’ve been invited to attend orientation at Home Depot, they’ve already extended an employment offer and should’ve already gone through the drug test and background check process.

Does Home Depot Drug Test After You Get Hired?

If you’re talking about your initial drug test, no. You’ll be drug tested before hiring because they can’t hire someone who fails. If you’re talking about after signing all your hiring paperwork, then it depends.

Generally speaking, they will only drug test you after getting hired if there was a false positive on your initial drug screen or if there’s an incident that warrants one.

If there’s an incident requiring a drug test, the employee won’t be allowed to return to work until the test results of the post-accident drug test are in.

If the test is negative, they can return to work, and if it’s positive, termination is possible.

Does Home Depot do Random Drug Tests on Employees?

Per their policy, Home Depot can conduct a random drug test on employees if there is reasonable suspicion.

While they can, they typically don’t.

Once hired, which involves passing the initial drug screen, they won’t drug test employees without reasonable suspicion.

This may vary depending on the store you’re working at and the management.

What Panel Drug Test does Home Depot Use?

Not all drug tests are created equal.

There are 5-panel, 10-panel drug tests, and some that test for even more drugs and specific substances.

When you get your pre-employment drug test done for Home Depot, they use a 5-panel test.

They’ve also been known to use urine and a mouth swab.

Whether Home Depot gives you a urine or mouth swab depends on when you’re getting drug tested.

They opt for a urine screening for pre-employment and mouth swabs for when they suspect an employee may be using substances.

What Does Home Depot Drug Test For?

The 5-panel drug tests can detect the presence of five major drug categories.

These include THC (the main ingredient in marijuana), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP.

This is the drug test they tend to use for their initial drug screen.

If there’s an incident where they have to ask an employee for a drug test, they may use this 5-panel urine drug test, or they may use a saliva swab.

How Long Does it Take for Home Depot Drug Tests and Background Checks to Come Back?

In addition to using a drug screening to qualify someone for employment, they’ll run a background check too.

Before Home Depot can officially offer someone a job, the drug test and background check need to come back.

For the most part, you can expect the results of a background check and drug test to come in within 48 hours.

This may take longer if the drug testing facility is backed up or if there’s something questionable on your record.

Can I Refuse a Drug Test at Home Depot?

Technically, you can. If you want to refuse a drug test at Home Depot, whether you’re a potential employee or already working there, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

No one can stop you from refusing a drug test, but failure to comply with their drug testing policy could mean termination from the company.

Even if you agree to take the drug test but choose not to show up for it, your employment or offer for employment can be withdrawn.

Can You Still Get Hired if You Fail a Drug Test at Home Depot?

You won’t be hired onto the Home Depot team if you fail a drug test.

The company is very upfront and strict about its drug and alcohol policy and how they maintain a drug-free workplace.

The one loophole to this is if your drug test revealed a false positive.

If you believe that your drug test has a false-positive result, you can dispute it with the hiring manager and request a retest.

Another reason you may be hired if you fail a drug test is if you have prescription medicine that shows up on a drug test.

If you are taking medicine that can show on a drug test, you’ll want to be fully upfront prior to the screening.

Employers may require you to show them a copy of the prescription to prove that it’s yours and not recreational.

If you’re allowed to take a second drug screening, they may order a more thorough test compared to their urine or saliva swab.

Some people fail their drug tests but reapply for employment later on.

If you’re set on working for Home Depot but failed your initial drug test, you can reapply for employment one year later.

As long as you pass that drug screening, you may be offered employment.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot has a strict drug-free workplace policy.

This strict policy means that Home Depot drug tests both potential and current employees to ensure that everyone is abiding by the policy they agreed to when hired or are about to agree to.

If you’re applying for a position at Home Depot, be prepared to take a drug test.

After you’ve been offered employment, there’s a good chance you won’t be asked to take another drug screen.

While Home Depot has the right to randomly drug test employees, they usually don’t unless they’re given a reason to. This could be an incident employees, or customers witnessed or suspicious behavior.

If this is the case, then they will drug test to ensure their employee isn’t using any substances.

Home Depot maintains its drug-free workplace by ensuring that all its employees aren’t using drugs or alcohol. If you’re getting ready to apply for a position there, be prepared for a drug screening.

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