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Does Aldi Drug Test?

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Does ALDI drug test?

Yes, they do.

Whether you’re a potential candidate or already working at ALDI, drug tests are part of the norm.

The company conducts drug tests during pre-employment.

They also perform random tests for current employees.

We’ll answer the most common questions job seekers have about drug testing in ALDI, such as how long it takes, what types of testing they do, and what happens if they fail the test.


Drug Testing in ALDI

ALDI is a world-renowned brand.

This supermarket chain has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries and currently has more than 150,000 workers.

With an estimated combined turnover of over €50 billion or $59 billion, ALDI is one of the most successful businesses in the world today.

As a trusted brand by millions of consumers worldwide, the company tries to maintain a solid reputation in the business.

To ensure that they have the best people on deck, ALDI has a rigorous application process that involves drug testing.

Most Commonly Asked Questions about ALDI Drug Testing

1. What Kind of Drug Testing Does ALDI Do?

ALDI puts a strong emphasis on a drug-free work environment.

As part of their comprehensive recruitment policy, ALDI conducts pre-employment drug tests at an offsite testing facility.

Drug testing at ALDI is typically performed via urine drug screen (UDS).

It’s a painless test that analyzes a person’s urine for the presence of certain illegal drugs, such as:

  • Methadone
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opioids or narcotics
  • Barbiturates
  • BenzodiazepinesAmphetamines
  • PCP

One caveat of the USD is that this testing is often unsupervised.

Since employees only need to submit a urine sample, there’s no way to tell whether the sample is real or synthetic.

It’s also difficult to determine if the urine really came from the applicant.

People who take drugs sometimes use synthetic urines for drug tests.

However, this tactic doesn’t work in the long run because ALDI has stringent employee management policies.

Aside from conducting random drug tests, they also call out personnel whose activities are suspicious and require them to undergo immediate drug tests.

2. When Does ALDI Test New Hires?

Some employees report that they were never asked to undergo drug testing during their application.

Others say they had a compulsory drug test at one point during the recruitment process.

In some outlets, applicants get tested early on, while in other branches, the test is done after candidates have passed the interview and got offered provisional employment.

That said, because of the rising cases of applicants faking their drug tests, ALDI and other hiring companies sometimes require candidates to get tested during the interview without prior notice.

With all things considered, it’s hard to say when the test is actually done.

ALDI changes its recruitment processes from time to time.

One thing is for sure, ALDI does drug testing.

While it’s hard to tell when exactly, expect to undergo USD before you start working at ALDI.

3. How Does Drug Testing in ALDI Take Place?

Typically, potential employees are asked by hiring managers at ALDI to undergo drug tests amid their second or third interview.

As mentioned earlier, ALDI doesn’t have its own drug testing facility.

Instead, they direct applicants to an offsite or third-party testing facility.

There were also cases when potential hires were accompanied by HR teams in ALDI to the offsite facility to get spontaneous drug tests.

4. How Do You Know if You Passed the Drug Test?

Once the results are in, the testing facility will send a copy to both you and the hiring manager.

If you haven’t received a mail from the lab, you can always call the ALDI HR department within two to three days to see if you passed the screening.

5. What if You Fail the Drug Test at ALDI?

Unfortunately, a negative drug test is a significant consideration to secure a job at ALDI.

Hence, you will lose the opportunity to work there if you failed the test.

You can re-apply again, but experts recommend that you do so after six months.

It’s also important to quit drug use so you won’t have any trouble finding a job and staying employed.

6. Do ALDI Employees Undergo Drug Tests?

Getting the job doesn’t mean that a person is no longer subject to drug screenings, especially in ALDI.

Many employees in ALDI have stated that they occasionally undergo drug tests.

In the USA, federal, state, and private employees are all subject to drug testing.

Most state and federal laws maintain the legality of drug testing for employees.

While ALDI doesn’t have an official statement about how often their employees get tested for drugs, random drug testing is done at least quarterly in most companies.

7. Does ALDI Run Background Checks?

Besides drug tests, ALDI also performs background checks on potential employees.

In particular, they conduct background checks on anyone given a job offer.

They look through a potential employee’s records for any felony conviction in the past seven years, the severity of the crime, and the amount of time elapsed since their conviction.

During the final interview, the hiring manager at ALDI may ask the candidate to verify information on their criminal history.

Applicants must be as honest as possible when answering questions about their criminal records.

Like most other companies, ALDI runs background checks to protect itself and its employees, brand, and customers.

Nonetheless, just because you were a felon doesn’t mean you can’t obtain a job at ALDI.

The company has the policy to consider felony convictions on a case-to-case basis.

HR managers will most likely look into the nature, severity, and relevance of the conviction when dealing with applications from felons.

Wrapping Up

Drug tests are part of ALDI’s recruitment policy.

They do this to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

ALDI drug testing procedures change from time to time, but usually, tests get performed during the recruitment period and at least once every quarter for existing employees.

These tests are not done by ALDI itself but by a third-party testing facility.

Those who fail the drug tests are automatically removed from the applicant roll but may still re-apply after six months or so.

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