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Jobs, Housing, and Reentry Programs for Felons

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Why Is It Hard to Get Employed with a Felony Record

There are several hurdles that felons face in society today. Some find it hard to keep friends due to the stigma that comes with having a record, while others battle with the temptation of taking up old habits.

However, the biggest challenge felons face is finding stable employment. With a job, they’re able to stay financially independent, making it harder to fall back to the life of crime that poverty might push them into.

To have a better understanding of why it’s difficult for felons to find jobs, here’s a long list:

Bias and Stereotype

The most common reason several companies don’t hire felons is because of bias and stereotypes. It is believed that felons are dishonest people who are prone to commit crimes at work.

Employers are quick to link a felon’s bad record with bad personality traits. Their belief is that felons never change and are susceptible to a life of crime. Even worse is that they associate violence with felonies, regardless of the nature of the crime or whether the felon was guilty of it or not.

There is also the worry that the felon might commit another offense which will land them in jail. If that happens, there will be a shortage of workers without notice, causing the company to start the hiring process all over again.


Business owners are very particular about the reputation of their brands. It is no surprise that they turn their noses up at felons. They worry about how the public would react to their decision.

There is the possibility of backlash, which can ultimately damage the company’s reputation. A damaged reputation will undoubtedly lead to a loss of business.

Also, if employers hire a felon that causes trouble at work, the public can view it as reckless and negligent. Inadvertently, it will destroy whatever integrity they have with the public.


Many employers don’t hire felons because of legal liability issues. If a felon commits a crime at work, the company can be held liable for the situation. In trying to sort out the legal processes, the company can spend lots of money in damages.

Therefore, companies will hold back from hiring felons, whether or not they’ve changed their ways.

Felon Friendly Job Board

Another place to look for felon-friendly jobs is our felon-friendly job board.

We’ve created this job board in an effort to allow employers to come to us directly and post job listings for those with a criminal history.

These employers have submitted these job listings to give you a fair chance and whether the job listings are full-time or part-time, they’re specifically tailored to ex-convicts who are trying to get a job to support themselves and their families.