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Hire a Felon

Every single month our website is visited over 100,000 times by people who have left the prison system and are looking for a second chance. One of the best ways for them to move on from their past and become a productive member of society is to get a job, just like the rest of us. If you’re interested in hiring a felon, please click here and submit your job posting, it’s 100% FREE to do so. If you’re still not sure, continue reading.

Why Should a Company Hire a Felon?

It’s very common for a company to wonder exactly why they should hire a felon. After all, there are plenty of people that are willing to work out there, why would it make sense to hire someone with a criminal record as opposed to someone who has never broken then law? Truth be told, there are a lot of reasons why your company should seriously consider hiring a felon and it isn’t just the tax credit that you’ll become eligible for.

They Work Extremely Hard

This point is pretty simple to understand. Felons have less job opportunities than the rest of the American workforce because of their record. Because of this, they are willing to work extremely hard to keep their job and make their bosses happy. The reason isn’t just because they want to impress their boss and be a good employee, it’s also because they know that if they lose their job , it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to get another position anytime soon. Individuals who visit our website don’t have a lot of options and they know it, which is great to increase employee retention.

You’ll be Changing a Life

When you hire a felon, you’re giving someone hope that they can live a normal life again. In order to survive in America, there are two absolute necessities; A place to live and a job to pay bills. If a person doesn’t have a job or loved ones to support them, they’ll eventually end up homeless and then they’ll do whatever they have to in order to survive (including commit more crime). It really is a vicious cycle and if your company is willing to hire a felon, then you’ll be able to help them get out of these circumstances and change their life for the better.

They Are Loyal

Imagine a situation where you have trained hard to get the job skills you need, gotten your education, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep an employer happy, yet you absolutely cannot get hired anywhere. This is the reality of a felon. After being unemployed for months or even years, you’ll finally be giving someone a chance at a job and their loyalty is unmatched. How would you feel about working at a place that gave you a chance after 100 other employers turned you down? They are grateful for the opportunity and won’t let you down.

They’ve Served Their Time

Yes, these people did commit a crime and they made a mistake. They know it, we know it, you know it. But isn’t prison there to make sure that people pay for their crimes? Remember, once all is said and done, a judge sentenced them to a prison term and considered that a reasonable punishment for their crime. Once they’ve completed their sentence, they’ve already served the punishment for their mistake and now they just want to live a normal life like everyone else. You can help them do it by giving them a chance.

They’ll Work For Less

The lack of job options available to a felon is a good chance for you as an employer to hire a qualified worker for less. Now, remember that they still deserve a fair wage, but also realize that because most employers won’t take a chance on them, you’ll be able to hire them for less than what you would hire someone without a record. This will end up saving your company money and because of their increased loyalty, it’s unlikely you’ll have to find a new employee anytime soon.

You Can Get a Tax Credit

How would you like your company to get a tax credit in the range of $1,200 – $9,600? Of course you would, what business wouldn’t? The government has created something called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) that allows business to get a credit for hiring a felon. It doesn’t apply to every situation out there, but a lot of companies can easily qualify for it. If you’re interested, you can learn more by Clicking Here.

They Aren’t as Dangerous as You Think

What you see on Television shows isn’t always true. The prison fights, anger issues, and gang affiliation doesn’t include everyone who serves time in prison. In fact, many of the people who are in prison did something out of desperation and ended up getting caught because of it. It’s easy to say “Well I would never do such a thing”, but when was the last time that you faced the same amount of desperation that these people face? For instance, if someone has an assault charge most would assume that this individual is dangerous and has anger issues. But what if you were told that the assault charge was a result of seeing their loved one get harmed by someone else and they protected them? Every felony charge has a story, if you’re willing to listen you may be surprised to learn the circumstances.

The truth is, there are a lot of reasons to hire a felon for your company and the above list is just a fraction of the reasoning. The most fulfilling thing that anyone can do in their life is help other people and we’re asking you that you consider doing that by posting a job today. We want to note that we’ve personally employed two felons with our organization (both freelance writers) and they are incredible at what they do. In fact, most of our blog posts are written by individuals who have been convicted of a felony and you’d never know it. Click the button below to post a job today, it’s 100% free and you won’t regret it.