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Does HEB Drug Test: A Helpful Guide

H-E-B is a supermarket chain that has its presence all over Texas and Mexico. Currently, they have yet to open a physical store in other states. If you’re in Texas, this establishment is probably one of the first choices you think about for entry-level jobs.

Like any law-abiding business, H-E-B is subjected to government policies to make its operations legitimate. As such, you may ask, “Does HEB drug test their employees and applicants?”

To strengthen your chances at this company, let’s tackle the relevant aspects that pertain to this grocery chain.

H-E-B Company History and Background

The H.E Butt family has owned H-E-B since its inception in the early 20th century. Their supermarket chain ranks 15th in the USA in terms of revenue. With its longevity and product quality, the company is one of the top grocery companies inside and outside Texas.

All 269 grocery outlets of H-E-B are large-format, which means the stores fuse grocery and pharmacy sections. There are about 60 stores that have Gas N Go fuel islands to offer customers further convenience. Outside the USA, a select few stores operate under the H-E-B banner, particularly in Mexico.

H-E-B is more than a typical grocery store because they also own various food products and establishments.

H-E-B as a Job Destination for Ex-Cons

It’s not surprising that H-E-B, like most companies, is performing criminal background checks for their new hires. There are previous and current employees of H-E-B who happen to have criminal records.

As such, it would be fair to assume that the company doesn’t necessarily discriminate against applicants based on their history. Still, this fact doesn’t guarantee you are getting hired since some factors might impact the hiring manager’s decision.

In most circumstances, it largely depends on the nature of the offense and the sentence. If you have minor cases such as DUI or vandalism, there wouldn’t be much fuss about it as long as you got cleared of any penalties.

As implied above, misdemeanor cases don’t automatically mean rejection. With that in mind, it’s a good practice to ensure that you are forthcoming about any prior convictions you may have.

It might cost you a job contract, but at least it would save you from the hassle of getting fired once they found out that you purposely didn’t disclose your history.

To sum it up, you have a fair chance at employment at H-E-B, convicted or not. Just make sure that your employment-related records are accurate and up-to-date.

Does HEB Drug Test?

According to multiple accounts, pre-employment drug testing is not needed at H-E-B. However, according to research in 2010 by the Society of Human Resource Management, the company is apparently included in the 57 percent of businesses that enforce pre-employment drug testing.

That said, all applicants must sign the company’s Drug-Free Workplace Policy, which means they will be subjected to random drug testing once they get hired. It is explicitly enforced, especially for personnel who have hazardous tasks.

For H-E-B, the use and abuse of prohibited substances, whether during the job or not, will compromise the reputation they worked so hard to achieve. This particular policy significantly strengthens its effort to maintain a safe environment for its employees and customers.

As mentioned earlier, safety-sensitive occupations are the focus of HEB’s drug-testing program. Some employees are subjected to testing depending on the role, while others may not get it at all. More often than not, HEB also performs unannounced drug testing every three months on a random basis.

Prohibited Drugs That H-E-B Look Out For

The grocery chain, like most establishments, makes sure its employees do not use or abuse five substances. Let’s enumerate and define each of them.

  • Cocaine

As one of the most prevalent narcotics in the modern world, cocaine is a highly addictive substance that causes its users to have increased awareness, energy levels, and focus. It goes by many names, including coke, tootski, rock, blow, crack, and snow.

White powder is the most prevalent type of cocaine. Solid rock crystals are also a standard form.

In most cases, cocaine users inhale the white powder into their nostrils to consume it. That is why the act of using it is sometimes referred to as “blowing rails.”

Some prefer the use of a needle to inject it into the body. Others like to dissolve the cocaine in water and massage it into their gums. Another method is to heat the rock crystal and inhale the fumes.

The effects of this drug may sound enticing, but the side effects that come with it are anything but trivial. Various health issues, from headaches to heart diseases, are to be expected.

With the massive side effects, it is very understandable that H-E-B wants its employees to be protected and free from cocaine use.

does heb drug test applicants
  • Marijuana

Texas is one of the 13 states that have yet to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational means. There are constant debates about the categorization of “weed” as a drug.

However, the fact remains that the state still recognizes it as one and makes H-E-B and other companies wary about employees who use marijuana. The typical way of inducing this substance into the system is via smoking a joint packed with dried marijuana leaves.

In 2019, the state passed a law that as long as cannabis contains less than 0.3 percent of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound of marijuana is considered hemp. Hemp is urestricted in Texas.

  • PCP

Phencyclidine, or PCP, usually referred to as “angel dust” colloquially, is a highly toxic substance initially meant as an anesthetic. Since the side effects are too much to ignore, the legal production of this drug stopped in 1965.

As a powder or liquid, users of PCP usually peppered it into leafy plants like marijuana or mint and smoked. To make the ingestion of the drug easier, some take pills, tablets, and capsules out of angel dust.

The effects of this substance might be comparable to alcohol intoxication in lesser dosages. In larger doses, a PCP user’s memory, capacity to process emotions, and learning abilities are negatively affected.

While angel dust is not one of the top choices by drug users, it’s best for H-E-B and other companies to distance themselves from those who are addicted to this substance.

  • Amphetamine

Also referred to as speed and rack on the streets, amphetamine significantly boosts the function of the central nervous system. In the past, the drug was used to treat several medical conditions.

Since it is highly addictive, in addition to dangerous side effects, usage without the permission and supervision of medical personnel is strictly discouraged.

Speed is usually in the form of a powder, tablet, or capsule. Many researchers conclude that intake of amphetamine could lead to violent behavior. Other alarming side effects include nose bleeds, breathing difficulties, fever, and in severe cases, cardiac arrest and death.

With the mentioned issues associated with PCP use, H-E-B wants to ensure that their employees are not using and abusing this type of drug.

  • Opioids

Compared to other drugs we mentioned, opioids are legal substances meant to alleviate pain. As long as you follow your doctor’s recommended dosage of opioids, the side effects are relatively tolerable.

In high dosages, opioids can slow your respiratory and circulatory functions, which could easily lead to death. If you had taken this substance recently before you’re in the queue for the drug screening at H-B-E, you must disclose it to the medical personnel who facilitates the test.


At this point, the question “Does HEB drug test their employees?” should be adequately addressed. As such, make sure that your body is free of substances at any time, drug test or not.

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