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12 Of The Most Popular Companies That Don’t Drug Test

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The legal landscape around drug use has shifted in the United States in recent years.

Some states permit recreational use of marijuana, but the federal government still has strict rules about specific jobs, especially those involved in safety-sensitive transportation roles.

So, a pre-employment drug test can still present a barrier to getting hired for a job.

Some jobs will definitely require a pre-employment drug screening.

Still, plenty of companies don’t require screening for applicants or employees.

Check out twelve of the most popular companies that don’t drug test to see where you might get hired, even if you use recreational cannabis.


Do All Companies Require Drug Tests?

Some jobs, especially those that require operating vehicles like heavy trucks and airplanes, require drug tests.

However, not all companies need a drug screening as a condition of employment.

Entry Level Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Getting a foot in the door at a new job can be challenging, even for entry-level employment.

So as a prospective employee, make sure you understand each company’s drug testing policy.

The last thing you want is an unanticipated barrier to employment.

After an interview, each job applicant might need to submit a sample for urine tests.

Typically, it’s sent to a third-party testing outfit, like quest diagnostics, for a drug screen.

Even for entry-level jobs, workplace drug testing may indeed be a requirement per federal law or company drug test policy.

Additionally, positive drug test results may require your potential employer to reject you as a job candidate.

Types of Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Some jobs don’t test employees at all.

These types of jobs typically don’t require you to operate any sort of machinery.

For instance, a customer service job or working for a tech company doesn’t usually require urine tests for a prospective employee.

However, depending on state law, if there is a reasonable suspicion of substance abuse, a company may have the right to ask you to submit to a drug screen.

Workplace drug testing policy varies quite a bit, as does the implementation of a random drug test if an employer suspects alcohol or drug abuse.

If you drive a truck or operate machinery, you will probably need to submit to a drug test.

Companies That Don’t Drug Test

If you’re worried about a positive drug test, consider employment at one of these companies and businesses.

Many don’t test employees or job applicants.


Target doesn’t drug test customer service team members or corporate officers.

So, cashiers, seasonal workers, and other floor attendants at Target don’t have to worry about testing for recreational drug use.

The same applies to executives as well.


Gap stores do not require drug tests for their employees or for job applicants.

However, if you show cause, you may be subject to a spot test.

That’s because stores set their policies based on regional and local laws.

As a retail clothing chain store, Gap doesn’t test its store associates.

However, if a Gap delivery worker has a crash in the warehouse, they’re likely subject to a drug test.


Amazon is always hiring.

They sometimes require a drug test, but testing companies like quest diagnostics only run the screening required by their client.

So you’re in luck if you want to work at Amazon and you smoke recreational weed.

They have made it clear that they do not test for cannabis use, so that particular drug has been removed from their screening panel for most employees and applicants.

Again, if you’re a truck driver subject to federal laws regarding operating a motor vehicle at work, you will likely have to comply with some sort of drug screening program.


Overall, Kroger is an excellent place to apply if you like to smoke recreational marijuana.

They don’t test applicants or employees in most cases.

If you indicate that you have a criminal background, it may leave you open to additional scrutiny and a drug test.

But, if you are using marijuana legally, it will not be held against you.


Apple tends to prioritize production and innovation.

So, they are willing to turn a blind eye to things an employee may do on their own time, including using drugs.

Many Silicon Valley tech companies have a similar attitude.

Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies working in the world of legalized and medical marijuana usually don’t drug test their employees.

However, drug testing is still mandatory for some jobs, like truck drivers, who are subject to federal laws.


Qualcomm is a major tech company that makes everything from smartphones to computer processors, cameras, and auto accessories.

One thing they don’t do is to require pre-employment drug tests for job applicants.


You don’t have to pass a pre-employment drug screening to work at Chipotle.

This franchise food chain has a reputation for treating both workers and applicants reasonably well.

Keep in mind that the pace of a fast-moving restaurant can be overwhelming for some workers.

If you turn to smoke marijuana before your shift to relax and report to the counter high, you may be subject to a drug test.


Microsoft applicants face some serious competition for each job.

There are plenty of people who want to work for Bill Gates’ tech giant.

However, you won’t have to worry about missing out on a chance at employment because of a failed prescreening for drug use.

Microsoft doesn’t test applicants or employees for drug use.


Michael’s is a store for craft makers.

Since they attract an audience that probably doesn’t care too much about what an employee does on their own time, they also don’t drug test.

However, if you show up to work high or drunk, you may end up dealing with human resources or be asked to leave for the day.


Dick’s Sporting Goods has pre-employment contingencies for some employees.

That seems to be code for the fact that they don’t drug test store associates, but they do test other workers, like drivers and freight equipment operators.

You’ll find out the exact rules after interviewing for a specific job.


PetSmart caters to animal lovers and attracts applicants and employees who share that fondness for our furry friends.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about taking a drug test to work as a groomer, salesperson, stocker, or cashier at PetSmart.

How To Find a Job That Doesn’t Drug Test

The best way to find a company that doesn’t have random drug tests is to read the job description for each employer.

You can also consult online resources like Felony Record Hub.

They have a lot of information about finding jobs that don’t screen for drug use, especially marijuana.

Common Methods for Finding Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

The best method for finding a job that doesn’t drug test is by word-of-mouth.

Rules vary considerably, so much so that personal testimony is often the best way to navigate drug testing.

However, you can also take advantage of the information compiled by Felony Record Hub.

Use Our Website

If you need the details on drug testing at a particular store, or you’re looking for jobs that don’t test or run background checks, Felony Record Hub is your best bet.

Head over to our site, and you can sort jobs by location, keyword, and whether they screen for drug use.

It’s easy, and you can find a job in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few quick answers about popular companies that don’t test for drugs.

Can employers randomly drug test?

The rules vary from state to state and from company to company.

In most cases, if a company wants to perform random drug testing of employees, and it’s in your hiring contract, they can do so under the law.

Can you still get hired if you fail a drug test?

Even if you fail a test, you can usually reapply after a period.

If your failed test was the only reason you didn’t get the job, you could undoubtedly reapply down the road.

For instance, you can reapply after six months if you fail a drug test at Bank of America.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are quite a few companies that don’t perform drug testing.

So, you can indulge in recreational marijuana use without risking rejection through pre-employment drug screening or getting yourself fired.

However, if you show signs of substance abuse or alcohol intoxication at work, you’re probably going to end up talking to human resources.

You might also be fired on the spot or sent for drug testing if allowable under state law.

If you have questions, it’s best to consult a reliable resource like Felony Record Hub today.

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